Thursday, 1 October 2009

uHear !

Have you noticed a 'hearing loss' or is someone in your family reluctant to admit a hearing loss or even unaware . It is nothing to be embarassed about but some people live in denial (with the TV or radio roaring blissfully ignoring the obvious).

uHear™ is a unique hearing loss screening test application available for download to the iPhone™ and iPod touch®.

uHear is for everyone. You can curb your curiosity with a simple and convenient six minute test from the comfort of your home. Parents and teachers can use uHear to promote healthy hearing. You can share it with your family and friends.

Don’t wait, take the test. Download uHear for free , at

(you will need the iTunes application installed on your computer to download uHear)

It is worth doing this six minute test.

Don't have an iphone ...well I can't help you there but maybe someone you know has one. Read more about uHear™ u here (no pun intended LOL)

Please note: A self-administered hearing test is not a final diagnosis for a hearing loss. You should visit a Hearing Healthcare Professional for further testing if a hearing loss is suspected ~ Uhear can help you locate one too !

Hearing difficulties can cause social isolation and other communication difficulties. It can be managed with the help of a good audiologist and/or ENT surgeon. So please stop putting it off !

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Fe said...

Well, I downloaded it onto my iPhone, and all my results are in the mild loss - moderate loss. My right ear was much worse than my left, but I only had one point in the "normal hearing" range.

I have felt for ages that I've struggling a bit with my hearing. All those years of singing in loud loud rock bands in the '80's has caught up with me. My boys can't stand how loud I need the telly to be for me to hear it.


Off to the audiologist for me, then.

Thanks for the hearing checkup, Trish.

You're a doll.


jeanie said...

I don't i-phone so I can live in blissful ignorance, can't I?

I mean, most of my hearing inability is linked directly to trying to ignore the noise!!

Amanda said...

Great info! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

what a great idea!!!
My hearing IS ok as I get it checked you mum was deaf.


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