Thursday, 5 February 2009

Monkey see ... you do

Thursday Thirteen

Have you ever wanted to know how to ? do anything - well Monkey see probably has the answers .

They are videos so you can see if you are 'challenged' by written directions.

LOL - disclaimer I have not watched them all but one day I'll have enough time to do

just some of the How to make (s)
  1. with V - day just around the corner - A romantic dinner for two ?
  2. or this one Valentine's Day Dinner for two
  3. chocolate covered strawberries
  4. caramel pecan bars
  5. pasta sauce & meatballs
  6. Pizza , or just the dough
  7. to pour a latte heart
  8. spice up love ;)
  9. * s e x on the beach (and other c0cktails - read below for a little joke *)
  10. pancakes
  11. how to have a romantic valentine's day for couples and even stuff for singles
  12. Auntie Anne's pretzels
  13. cafe frappe (cold coffee - we need it in the heat) & blueberry muffins
can you tell how much I like food ? I mean love food but they will also tell you how to organise your kids toys or dozens of other parenting things , home and garden but these aren't as much fun LOL.

Days of Grace 5/365
  1. My now tidy fridge
  2. Sister in law who 'sitted with J while S got his new full cast today
  3. Coloured ,fibreglass plaster (yes, it is a little splash proof thank goodness)I could picked hot pink plaster but I just couldn't do it to the poor kid
  4. My beautiful co-operative little champion
  5. Monkey see site for showing me how it's done LOL ...

PS * the true joke - Two weeks ago we went out to dinner with friends (san kids) .We were running late so they ordered drinks.
My friend nominated her choice of cocktails.
She said "S e x on the beach"
The cheeky waiter replied "Yes, but what would you like to drink ?"
Lucky I wasn't there at the time or I would have been ROFL

Never miss a post

W T ? date ... I have no idea why blogger wouldn't show my post for today's date 5th Feb but published it for 3rd Feb 2010.


Adelle said...

Hmmm. Maybe I'll make myself some chocolate covered strawberries and call it a day lol Great list.
Happy T13!

Gattina said...

The only thing which really attracts me is café frappé ! I am not so for sweet stuff.

Anonymous said...

Yummy TT!
p with 13 Thorne-Quirks
Happy TT!

Betty said...

I should send these links to my DH. He'd promised to make me a romantic Valentine's dinner... LAST YEAR! And I'm still waiting! =P

kandyblossom said...

Nice list. Going to check out some of those videos when I get a spare moment.

Happy TT!

Debbie said...

I have found that I can do some many things I never thought possible by watching videos on the internet! Great list.

Alice Audrey said...

Monkey See is going to be very, very helpful to me. Thanks for introducing me.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Oh the poor wee man in that cast.

Cathy said...

what a cheeky waiter indeed lol was he cute?

your poor baby with that full cast - hope things are going okay - a toddler who can't move can't be much fun!

The Bumbles said...

Back when I graduated from college, my mom, who doesn't drink, ordered herself a Sex on the Beach cocktail to celebrate and I thought I was going to die! I still to this day have no idea where she ever heard of the drink's name or if she even knew what was in it - I think she just liked to be daring with the shock value :0)

Amanda said...

This is a very useful TT!!

I feel for your son...that cast looks uncomfortable :(

Soralis said...

Oh my that poor little guy!

I have to check out that site!

Lilly's Life said...

Fabulous post Trish. I love the links you find. I have never heard about Monkey but will look now. You have had your hands full and he is a little champion. Funny about your friend in the restaurant too. Imagine how many times the waiter has said that! Must learn how to make one of those though, sounds interesting!

Pink Ink said...

Caramel pecan bars! Yummy.

It's amazing what recipes you can find on the internet. I love just googling something and knowing what to buy for dinner...

Mistress B said...

Might have to check out some of those video's.

Hope your young fella mends quickly and isn't too uncomfortable in his cast in this heat

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