Thursday, 5 February 2009

Monkey see ... you do

Thursday Thirteen

Have you ever wanted to know how to ? do anything - well Monkey see probably has the answers .

They are videos so you can see if you are 'challenged' by written directions.

LOL - disclaimer I have not watched them all but one day I'll have enough time to do

just some of the How to make (s)
  1. with V - day just around the corner - A romantic dinner for two ?
  2. or this one Valentine's Day Dinner for two
  3. chocolate covered strawberries
  4. caramel pecan bars
  5. pasta sauce & meatballs
  6. Pizza , or just the dough
  7. to pour a latte heart
  8. spice up love ;)
  9. * s e x on the beach (and other c0cktails - read below for a little joke *)
  10. pancakes
  11. how to have a romantic valentine's day for couples and even stuff for singles
  12. Auntie Anne's pretzels
  13. cafe frappe (cold coffee - we need it in the heat) & blueberry muffins
can you tell how much I like food ? I mean love food but they will also tell you how to organise your kids toys or dozens of other parenting things , home and garden but these aren't as much fun LOL.

Days of Grace 5/365
  1. My now tidy fridge
  2. Sister in law who 'sitted with J while S got his new full cast today
  3. Coloured ,fibreglass plaster (yes, it is a little splash proof thank goodness)I could picked hot pink plaster but I just couldn't do it to the poor kid
  4. My beautiful co-operative little champion
  5. Monkey see site for showing me how it's done LOL ...

PS * the true joke - Two weeks ago we went out to dinner with friends (san kids) .We were running late so they ordered drinks.
My friend nominated her choice of cocktails.
She said "S e x on the beach"
The cheeky waiter replied "Yes, but what would you like to drink ?"
Lucky I wasn't there at the time or I would have been ROFL

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W T ? date ... I have no idea why blogger wouldn't show my post for today's date 5th Feb but published it for 3rd Feb 2010.
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