Sunday, 11 January 2009

Weekly Winners 2 2009

 January 4th -10th - edition 2 

It has been a busy week and I've hardly had a chance to play with my new camera. I didn't dare take it into the city on the train either. Lucky because I lost my alumium flask down between the train and platform. 

So half of these snaps are from my trusty Kodak and a few from the Canon 1000D.
These were taken straight out of the camera too sorry I haven't had time to 'picnik' them.
Please go see more Weekly winners at the host with the most ... Lotus 

My Lil builder *(Zoe's House at the Powerhosue Museum)

All aboard - 
Morning Town Ride
Hold on Tight
Our colourful wee k 
... that 's just a day's worth for twins
Angel holds my Heart
Smell the Roses
Clean and Kissable

The end
 ... of a long day played hard and fast !

Missed it by that much ...I miscalculated to get to 99999
zzzzzzz night


Tara R. said...

Lovely shots. Your boys are adorable.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I love We Stick Together and the rose. Beautiful shots.

M+B said...

They are growing up so quickly. I swear only a couple of weeks ago they were little babies, and now this week they are two gorgeous little boys.

Secret Agent Mama said...

They are just so cute, Trish. I love seeing them grow. Almost weekly, at that!

Cathy said...

Looks like fun!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Love the laundry shots!

Smoochiefrog said...

They sure look like they had fun! My goodness that is a lot of laundry!

Mommy Melee said...

That is an INTENSE amount of laundry.


maggie's mind said...

Aw, so cute! They are getting so big. I love the clothesline shots. :)

Jenni said...

Great pictures! The rose is so beautiful! And the boys are adorable.

Jeanette said...

They're so cute! Love that they look quite different to each other.

mountainmama said...

I love the shot of them looking out the train window, and We Stick Together is so beautful. And the rose...I can never resist taking pictures of roses either! lol (or any other flowers, for that matter.)

connie said...

Great pics this week~it doesn't matter which camera was used ;)

My faves are angel holds my heart & we stick together. They're so cute!

Widdle Shamrock said...

We stick together is such an aww moment and brought a tear to my eye.

Blossom said...

the pic of them wrapped in their towels really took me back to when mine were that little.

ahh sweet and sooo cuddly..

Crazed Mom said...

These are awesome. Your boys are getting so big. I love the Hold on Tight picture. Such sweet serious faces when concentrating. Looks like a lovely time!


Mistress B said...

Lovely pics

tiff said...

I just love these photos.
I love the undies on the line.Looks like ours when we forst started.

katef said...

Gorgeous photos!
Love the line full of little jocks

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