Sunday, 11 January 2009

Weekly Winners 2 2009

 January 4th -10th - edition 2 

It has been a busy week and I've hardly had a chance to play with my new camera. I didn't dare take it into the city on the train either. Lucky because I lost my alumium flask down between the train and platform. 

So half of these snaps are from my trusty Kodak and a few from the Canon 1000D.
These were taken straight out of the camera too sorry I haven't had time to 'picnik' them.
Please go see more Weekly winners at the host with the most ... Lotus 

My Lil builder *(Zoe's House at the Powerhosue Museum)

All aboard - 
Morning Town Ride
Hold on Tight
Our colourful wee k 
... that 's just a day's worth for twins
Angel holds my Heart
Smell the Roses
Clean and Kissable

The end
 ... of a long day played hard and fast !

Missed it by that much ...I miscalculated to get to 99999
zzzzzzz night
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