Tuesday, 13 January 2009

H o T Bottles

HEADS :Bottle

YES...we 'CAN' all just get along!" ... except the theme was Bottle.
I saw a similar picture somewhere ...this one is my own.
I found the Pepsi bottle dirty somewhere ? and I think we bought the old fashioned Coke bottle.
I don't really collect bottles but I liked these.

I have never been party to the Coke vs Pepsi wars.

I can take or leave either. I gave both up when I was pregnant with both Charlotte & my twins.

I was determined I wouldn't give my twins any 'Cola' - I didn't factor on them getting a taste from their brother or some other. They love it *sigh*. It will be a very rare treat.

I rarely drink the stuff but coincidentally today I was hot and thirsty for something COLD icy & sweet after spending a few hours in the park with some friends and walking about . It was hot out.

'It' ~Coke~ was cold and inviting , mocking me from my Dh's work fridge- so I gave in. It was good but it did make me burp that horrible post lunch burp... through my nose. Then I came home and saw the Heads or Tails meme.

I thought about those two bottles side by side in my almost empty wine rack *sigh* ... haven't had time to refill it.

They sat along side some empty Corona bottles I want to make into salt n pepper shakers ...sometime in next dozen years.

So I grabbed a Pepsi can from a hidden stash of Pepsi (Hidden from the Teen) just to play along. The Pepsi was hot ...did I drink it . I think not ...one can of that sweet stuff a day is enough for my bottom line.
I refilled the can, put in the fridge to cool and I gave to my teenager tonight ... I bet he was wondering why and yes if I let him drink it we 'can' just get along fine.

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