Friday, 23 January 2009

Face space at six degrees

*waves* Where have I been ?

Well , we are back from a few days away on the NSW Central Coast. The beach was sensational and I even dared to get wet in the surf.

Today, I risked my 'old' bones and went water skiing for the first time *shrugs* since I can't remember ???

Sorry I have been neglecting my google reader (for too long) and your blogs. Seriously, I miss you all. I've had limited online time most of this month. I haven't forgotten you or your fabulous blogs ...nor have I traded you in on my latest addiction Facebook. Spring and Summer are when I seem to busy from dawn until the witching hours of the night.

Oh Facebook ... I signed up a long time ago to keep vaguely in touch with a few friends. To be honest for months I rarely even checked it.Then one day something clicked .I began to browse the status of my friends , leave comments and get cheeky. It was fun and interesting.

I *grins* finally worked out how to use the damn thing too.I couldn't get the hang of twitter at all.

I started to discover more people I knew on Facebook. One night when my cousin was visiting I introduced him to Facebook and he told me, laughing, his mother called it 'FACE SPACE' - she has no idea of either . I laughed hard too. Then we searched for his sisters to add as his friends. We found one easily ... too easily.

I searched for a few others and I am so amazed at how small the world is you remember that song it's a small world after all...well it is. Freakily so.

A few weeks ago I found a very special friend on Facebook. We have reconnected in the cyber world so far.

A few days I was thinking about family and my cousins we hadn't seen in a long time (since my grandmother's funeral over 6 years ago).One was my flower girl (almost 19 yrs ago) I found her in amongst about first 50 - 'relatively' easily - her smile unmistakable , beautiful eyes hidden behind sunnies. Then her brother D, and my Aunty M (who had remarried). I rejoiced when they added me as their friends.

Then I thought about niece on my husband's side. I search her name ... R M over '150' , one of the them had a profile picture of a cute little girl . I knew it wasn't my niece's child but I clicked anyway in case it was her 'niece'... then I saw a 'friend in common' ... my male cousin, D - I had just added as a friend ... too freaky. He had a friend with same name as my husband niece ( totally unrelated and besides he has never met my husband's niece) and This is what they reckon about six degrees of separation. The theory states that everybody on this planet is separated by only six other people...

I saw my cousin's status had a comment from a name I 'recognised' - he was a pastor from our old Church, who came to our wedding , and so many more coincidences.

I have clicked on other random people too to see a friend in common , two people I know from playgroups who went to my primary and/or highschool ... a fair distance from where I live now. Not something you talk about in general conversation I guess where you went to school.

Another of my friend, G has a sister who found me not through her sister but through another lady who has twins.

A fair few blogging friends are my Facebook friends, they know my real name and other info.I have resisted the temptation to just add anyone as a friend.

I found a whole bunch of "kids" I went to school with but I didn't be "friend" them - they were never really my friends . Though I can seriously see from a tiny profile picture some have not changed much (in 24 yrs) others well ...enough said

So where is this all going you are wondering ...I guess what it comes down to is that I have to question my intentions with this blog and Facebook.

Do I want them intertwined ?

Do you ever have this question, like, where am I going or what do I plan on doing with this?

What is this I’m trying to create? I like my blog to be anonymous but Facebook is very much a public diary. I love the connections and knowing what my friends are up to and their status ...moods and all. I share this and that but not my blog on there.

My blog is a place where I journal random stuff, showcase my thoughts *cough* and share a little in the days of my life ? I have fun but a mix of serious stuff too.

I don’t even know if I am I ready to share more of my 'blog' with my FB 'friends' and FB family.

Though , I have nothing to hide, as my FB = Bloggy pals know I am real deal. I am nothing special and my family, friends aren't unique or famous (though infinitely special in case they are reading) but you then you can’t blog about stuff in case they think it is about them (like the song says probbaly think this song is about you - It may be ) or stuff you don't wish to share with them.

Which why at the moment I can't write about emotional or sensitive things that could be very bloggable fodder.

I still toy with the idea I need an anonymous blog but then I would have 'two' blogs and two identities and twice the responsibility ( LOL I have enough of THAT already) .Honestly it just doesn’t sound very appealing to me. Messy in fact. I know a few bloggers who can do it ;)

Besides who could I tell - I wouldn’t tell you about my other blog because then it would not be anonymous.

So for now I guess I won’t write about those really personal things and things I want to vent about in case someone reads it and gets upset...even if it is my blog.

I am normally a private person in real life. I don't seek advice much if at all. I feel a little lost about a lot of things right now . I have a clue as to what direction my GPS is still in the box to go in.

It is when I lose my direction that I spend days doing other things than blogging...well that and when the sun is shining.

My life is a little crazy right now but I love it.

"Friendship is precious, not only in the shade, but in the sunshine of life, and thanks to a benevolent arrangement the greater part of life is sunshine." (Thomas Jefferson)

PS: I don't understand MYspace at all but I know it rules the lives of teenagers and especially my own 15 yr old son and his friends.

PPS: Welcome to WTBAY and ICLW visitors. I promise to return visit you asap.

PPPS: Pictures ? well you have to wait till I unpack my camera cord.

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