Monday, 29 December 2008

Life is good in Australia.

Today, I received an answer to prayer. It isn't something I can't tell you and I really don't mean to tease. It was a quite quirky how it happened. It ties in with what happened next ...

Today we went to see AUSTRALIA - with Nicole Kidman & Hugh Jackman.It was amazing movie. Life in Australia in 1939 was not so good. I recommend it highly. It was dramatic and spectacular. Brilliant cinematography.

Due to the timing of our babysitter (my Mum) and it being the holidays - we spoilt ourselves and went into the Gold lounge. It was our first time ;) .

The huge reclining seats were incredible and if you have to sit 3 hrs in a seat -then do it.It was worth it... we got free popcorn and softdrink too (in a real glass)

If we hadn't decided to go to the movies - it might not have happened. The song if you have seen Australia is so apt. Hope & believe.

It has made me re-evaluate a lot of things that have concerned me for months.It was an answer to a prayer that I wasn't expecting. Yes, it was something good.Yes, dreams do come true. I am very thankful for the timing.

I love this song. It always gives me so much hope.I am thankful for so many things today.

Nicole Kidman's character reminds of Jeannie Gunn and We of the Never never. I have visited the Northern Territory (1992) and it is very beautiful 'country'. I look forward to going back one day.

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Jeanette said...

Glad you enjoyed your time out :) Not sure when we last went to the movies

Dina said...

I LOVE that song!!! It's so weird that you have it because it has had an effect on my life recently too.

I used to make videos for my family, but stopped. I used that song for the credits in my sister's wedding video. The other day I heard it and I started crying. It made me want to do videos again. So, I did.

I downloaded a bunch of songs from that guy--forgot this name. They're really good. Have you heard them?

Laura said...

So glad you guys got some time away! You know we never do it as much as we should...too much gets in the way.

I love the rainbow picture!!

M+B said...

Glad you enjoyed yourselves, and your prayer has been answered :-)

I don't think I could cope with Nicole Kidman for 3 hours, she irritates me after 3 seconds!

womb for improvement said...

This year's gone very quickly for me too, though I'm not complaining. I'm looking forward to what 2009 has to bring.

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