Wednesday, 31 December 2008

525,600 minutes do you measure a year ?

Do you think this year has gone quick ? ...

It has for me.

I don't know about you but does the dawn of the New Year see you reflecting on regrets, difficulties in relationships, loss and ill health of loved ones or achievements of the past year and looking forward to the challenges & joy of the coming year or both ?

I guess we all do a little soul searching and set far reaching or ambitious goals fluffed up with dreams of a distant future.I have good intentions ...I know you are all just waiting to hear them.

LOL I haven't done half the things on my 43 things list and I am no where near ready for my 101 things in 1001 days. Though I am pleased to say I'm closer to my first million ... steps (864,502 since 21st October).

I don't want much in 2009.I realise that already I am surrounded by priceless gifts - the love of amazing family and friends, healthy family, peaceful living conditions (save for teenage vs parent angst and twin two year olds' independence battles coupled with - twin vs his twin in toddler toy wars) , comfortable shelter and way too much an abundance of chocolate good food , and freedom to worship my God without fear.

I am truly grateful for my blessings. Sure I didn't get all I wanted but I have all I need. I am not consumed by a need to finish on top ( though I love seeing my stats rise) in the rat race.

In 2009 I will step back and focus on the bigger picture. 2008 wasn't great. The things that happen to us in the seasons of life do not make us but they shape us.There was much strife in 2008 I want to forget, though painful and complicated they helped me.

Life can be a daunting jungle ...sometimes.It's a difficult task getting through it alone. I know making friends and helping each other along the way be they family/friends or strangers is the only way out.

The kindness of strangers can be infinite.I say thank you for each and every one of my readers for hanging in there. I really appreciate you.

It is a great song ... Seasons of Love ?

How do you measure a year ? ... 320 published posts...1500 cups of tea or more, more than a few a bottle of wine or two ... ? trips to the fridge /toilet , 3500 nappies (I am probably under here according to the song) ... infinite hours online ? (I didn't realise but I passed 500 posts this month)

I sincerely wish you, your family and loved ones a peaceful healthy New Year - please take it easy on the cheer.I pray you stay safe. In 2009 may you find peace of mind in life and joyfully celebrate every day . See you next year.

ps - I didn't forget it was a leap year in 2008 ...just didn't want to confuse the song).
pps May we all spend our next 525,600 minutes wisely and hopefully for the most part with the ones we love.

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