Sunday, 4 January 2009

1st past the post

or 1st post past .No that isn't me . I am always running late.

So this is my first post for 2009 , a little late considering 3.5 days or 5050 minutes have elapsed.

What have I done ? not much

I have been blog hopping and reading everyone else's goals, reflections, resolutions, to do and to try and wish lists ...

Alison @ Three times Kewl is choosing to celebrate a happy New day - every day

Lani @ Boo & Me (actaully it is Me and Boo) lists goals which I want to achieve too.

Mountainmama @ Careful what you wish for has some great rules to live by with her own personal commandments

Bettina @Dances to the Beet has Revolutionising Resolutions and anti resolutions and a amazing wish list (to buy, to do , to try and to learn)

Me - I don't know where to start ... I am still ticking things off my November / December good intentions /goals . My 2009 Wish list is in the pipeline .

Though lucky for me I will hopefully be ticking this one off the list

Photography -
still on my undone list but a long term plan is to do a short course next year to learn more - I have to wait for a new camera before I do anything. NOT ! anymore.

So hi ho, hi ho, it is camera shopping I go ...I might just get back in time to sneak in a few Weekly winners.

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Alison said...

It's also one post before tomorrow. Now that's kewl.

Happy camera shopping! What fun!!
(And of course, happy new day:-)


Jayne said...

Tomorrow's the first Monday of 2009 ;)

Jeanette said...

woohoo, can't wait to see the pics from your new camera :)

Fe said...

VERY excited about your new camera! Can't wait to see your new pics.

I'm pretty blase on the NY resolutions. I do, however, wish peaceful, healthy and happy new years to all my friends.

M+B said...

Noice camera :-) You can throw away the goals, resolutions and to do lists because you're going to be too busy with your new camera for anything else!

Trish said...

@Alison - happy new day I love it and I am teaching my boys to say it.It's a great motivator.

@Jayne - indeed it is so many firsts this week.

@Jeanette - I am hoping to learn more from you lots on shooting moving targets ...of course I mean with the camera.

@Fe - never been brave enough to spend the money or invest the time to year , new day, new start - new skills hopefully.

@Lani - indeed I can see it already. My boys are going to start running when they see me get it out.

Mistress B said...

Your first pics with the new camera look great!! There you go, first thing off your wish list for this year.

Thanks for the link (could I possibly get you to update it to my new blog? thanks)

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