Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Overwhelmed ..

Update : Brown snake ...my cat passed away.

I was out visiting some special friends today they live 2 hrs + away.We had a great day.

No time today to chat except to my friend. No time to read your blogs or comment.

I came home and cooked dinner.After dinner I fixed my cat's litter tray and I noticed later my cat had been vomiting.She didn't look too bad.Half an hour later checked her again.She was looking very sick. She has only been inside today and only had fresh food.

My DH has taken her to the after hours vet but I have a terrible feeling.She looked bad.Even if she survives most likely she won't be able to nurse the kittens for a few days the emergency vet said when I spoke to the RSPCA.

The RSPCA says they will euthanase them if I surrender them ...I have to wait till tomorrow to speak to other cat welfare agencies.Another website said to try and find another cat to feed them ? what are my chances ?

Why do emergencies happen after hours ?

I wonder if I can look after them ?

Their eyes are just starting to open and they are so sweet.

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Sassy said...

Oh no! That's horrible. I really hope your cat and her kittens are okay. Maybe your vet would know of another cat near you with older kittens who could nurse yours. I know the shelter where we got our cat had four cats nursing 16 kittens from 8 different cats.

Trish said...

thank you I will call in morning ...my cat passed away at vet's before they could do anything.

Jeanette said...

Oh no, that's terrible :( Poor little mites.
I'd try feed them.

Carly said...

Oh Trish I am so sorry to hear that news. :( What a terrible situation. I am praying for you :) I hope that everything will be ok.

Much Love to you

Carly x

M+B said...

I am so sorry to hear about your cat. I hope you are able to look after the kittens yourself, or find some help to feed them.

Cellobella said...

(((Oh no.)))

That is really sad news.

I hope you can save the kittens.

M+B said...

I have an award over at my blog for you, as a little bit of a smile for you!

Bonnie the Web Designer said...

Oh no!! I hope she is okay!

I don't know if you have non-profit no-kill shelters in Australia. We have them here in the U.S. I do volunteer work for one of them. If you could find a no-kill shelter, and they have a nursing mother, I'm certain they would take the kittens. Search for "no kill animal shelter" and see what comes up.

Also, you could bottle feed the kittens. It takes a lot of work -- like feeding a baby every 3-4 hours -- but it's totally doable. The shelter I volunteer with does this often as stray mothers with litters often get hit by cars and the kittens are orphaned. You might ask if any of your friends would be willing to take a couple and bottle feed them until they can eat on their own. It will probably be at least 4-6 weeks before they could eat on their own.

Dina said...

I'm so sorry : (

alicia said...

oh no oh no! I am soo sorry. Is there any way you could feed them with an eye dropper or something?

Leigh said...

I am so sorry for your loss Trish, that is terrible :(

You could try the Cat protection society. They would have contacts for people who could help you. People trained in raising orphaned babies. Unfortunately the RSPCA is just too under funded to deal with them.


Veronica said...

Dammit! I wish I lived closer, my cat just had a singluar kitten the other day and I would totally offer her services as a wet nurse.

Bloody snake. I'm so sorry.

frogpondsrock said...

Oh, I am so sorry Trish..Do you have the time to bottle feed the kittens? There are special formulas that you can buy to feed joeys, so there would have to be some that are suitable for kittens. I know of people who have successfully raised kittens and puppies that have only been a week or so old.

They will be fine on a glucose and water mix for this morning. about 1 teaspoon of glucose to a cup of water. Dont give them cows milk though as that will cause them to scour..

Good luck xxx Kim

M said...

Oh Trish, that's terrible. I feel a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Mistress B said...

I'm very sorry about your cat Trish.

I have hand reared kittens before. It's a bit of work for the first couple of weeks, but then they get a lot easier. You can get formula at the vets. I used to find a large syringe easiest when the kittens were little.

Jen at Semantically driven said...

I'm really sorry about your cat. And what about those kittens? I hope they don't have to be put down.

Fe said...

SO sorry, Trish. That is awful.

Is a "Happy Birthday" wish in order? xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh, Trish. I'm so sorry. That's so sad. :(

tiff said...

Oh Trish!
I am SO sorry.
That is awful.

Trish said...

@ Et All Thank you for your advice and wishes.
We got kitten formula from the vet last night. A very kind lady I met on cat forum this morning offered a tiny teat for the syringe and bottles.Bottles not too successful yet.
Most cat agencies say they will euthanase...can't offer any help either with advice.
So far they are still alive.Hoping !

PlanningQueen said...

Such a hard decision to make, hope all works out okay.

jeanie said...

Oh Trish - how tragic and hard.

Le @ third on the right and cold peas said...

good luck with the wee ones - whatever your decision I know it will be made with love and kindness - hugs le

Gill said...

Oh Trish that's just awful!! I posted about snakes today, hate them!

Jenn said...

Oh Trish, I'm so sorry. How terribly sad.

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