Monday, 17 November 2008

A journey of a thousand miles

begins with a single step ~ Lao Tzu

... then it is only 10000 steps (a day) to better health !

I am now more than half way (64%) through my virtual Northern territory outback adventure. The '10,000 steps' goal puts a focus on the accumulation of activity across the whole day instead of the pressure to do it all in one burst.

I have done approx 319,284 steps since 20th October...199284 in November. I thought I was fairly active running around after twin toddlers and doing housework but I was wrong.

Some days before I do my official walk (including pushing them in the stroller) of about 5000-6000 steps - 45mins-1 hr , I can barely manage 4000 steps or even less. This surprised me ... I am often exhausted by lunchtime and all I want to do is sit and chill .(shhhh ok I confess I do for a bit more for a read and a blog I don't watch much TV anymore)

These are the National Physical Activity Guidelines for Adults

1-3 recommend the minimum amount of physical activity you need
to do to enhance your health. They are not intended for high-level fitness, sports training or weight loss. To achieve the best results, try to carry out all three guidelines and combine an active lifestyle with healthy eating.

Guideline 1
Think of movement as an opportunity, not an inconvenience.
Where any form of movement of the body is seen as an opportunity for improving health, not as a time-wasting inconvenience... so picking up after your children is good for you.

Guideline 2
Be active every day in as many ways as you can.
Make a habit of walking or cycling instead of using the car, or do things yourself instead of using labour-saving machines.

Guideline 3
Put together at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity on most, preferably all, days.
You can accumulate your 30 minutes (or more) throughout the day by combining a few shorter sessions of activity of around 10 to 15 minutes each.

Guideline 4
If you can, also enjoy some regular, vigorous activity for extra health and fitness. ... see below

So I am inviting you to join in ...
Hi 'Valued friends & readers' ,

I have found this great website that has heaps of physical activity information as well as a free Step Log where we can record and keep track of our steps. I thought that you might like to check it out.

Tips and tricks to stay motivated

Q - How do you record other activities in steps

Recording Other Activities in Steps
10 minutes of moderate intensity activity = 1,000 steps

Moderate Intensity Activity causes a slight, but noticeable increase in breathing and heart rate. You should be able to maintain a conversation.
10 minutes of high intensity activity = 2,000 steps

High Intensity (or Vigorous) Activity makes you “huff and puff” and is where talking full sentences between breaths is difficult. ... does making l o v e count ?

Tips and tricks to stay motivated

Advice of the day
  1. Buy a pedometer ... beats counting. I got a new one today ((under $30 from Rebel sport) and new walking shoes...Don't even think of taking your pedometer to the beach. A walk on the beach is purely for pleasure (but no-one told me how hard it is on soft sand) and a freak wave or rather the salt water ruins pedometers.
  2. Wear sensible shoes - the best you can afford in a style you like. Reflexologists will tell you true relaxation begins with the feet.
  3. To assist you in reaching your goals and to get into a routine - schedule your daily walking or exercise goals and extra activities in your diary, like you would an appointment (best if you don't reward yourself for meeting your goals with chocolate or edible treats but then again at least you worked a bit of it off if you do sometimes).
  4. See your Dr if you have any concerns about starting an exercise program and start with small steps ...
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Lao Tzu

PS .I wish someone would design a chart to tell me how many steps a certain chocolate bar or other treat was worth ...then I could decide if it was ...

PPS I can't talk about Menu Plan Monday & food today ...we have both been to the dentist- I had an extraction of an extra tooth (it's been at the back of my jaw at an angle for years(?) and Dh had a filling ... dare I mention the dentist says to floss every day.
He also asked me was I still breastfeeding (I am twice a day) and told me Breastfeeding is good for my children's immune system. I was very impressed this coming from a man.

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M+B said...

Well done on your walking tour!

My assvice - get a dog, makes for great motivation to get out for that walk, but avoid the playground otherwise you will need to stop there for longer than you are prepared to!

Dina said...

Wow. I'm impressed he was supportive of breastfeeding. My son's dentist totally criticized me when we brought my son (age 2) in there for his first dental appointment. I also received very rude looks from my doctor when I told her.

Bonnie the Web Designer said...

Wow!! I am impressed as well with all you've walked. What a cool idea to set a virtual goal of walking an actual distance. That's a great way to keep motivated. Thanks for the encouragement!

M said...

You're doing great. I really should get me a plan like that.

Bettina said...

Your step count is very impressive!

Where did I put that pedometer...........

The Aussie Detox Blogger said...

Wow, that's great! A few friends of mine are also on the 10,000 steps-a-day challenge.

Here's another tip: If you catch the bus to work, get off at an earlier stop and walk the rest of the way. (Although, it might mean you have to get up that little bit earlier to still make it to work on time!)

Jenn said...

Okay, I am finding my pedometer TODAY! I've got to, the weight I've lost is creeping back on. UGH.

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