Tuesday, 8 July 2008


The prompt is:
HEADS - Anything starting with the letter O

Here I was straining my shrinking brain for inspiration and then it hit me right between my wrinkled and bushy brows ...

I can't believe it didn't click earlier ... being my birthday and all.
I don't really feel older and I am certainly not wiser but maybe a little wider LOL.

So, yes I had a quiet day with a big surprise . My sister who I get along with though she still likes to bait me and tease sent me my first birthday message ( a first for a while too) and it started so soppy (so NOT my sister - ever ! we have always have since her our teens - a love hate relationship )

...Hope you have a lovely birthday filled with love & happiness .Don't let those candles burn 2 long its becoming a fire hazard.

I had a quiet day - as quiet as you can with three drummers -the teen man is on school holidays so he played a LOT today.The Brothers loved it.

A special online friend sent me a lovely cup with the word HOPE on it .I was a nice surprise and she rang me too.

Tonight , the Tool man, S , J & I went out for a quick dinner ...how else can it be with twin toddlers.

I am feeling old but I am glad to be here to celebrate, albeit quietly.It really just means another trip around the sun.

I ask myself what have I done the last 525,600 minutes and 1 extra day that mattered ?

What will I do this next year that will matter ?

I don't have the answers but I feel blessed every day I wake up ...especially next to my little birthday presents from 2 years ago.

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