Monday, 7 July 2008

Monster Monday 2

Okay so we are one week into July and I am a little late .
I have been reviewing my goals for June. I can't believe it is half way through 2008 ... it is also my birthday tomorrow ..well in 30 minutes.

The Planning Queen (sorry can't get her link working right now) reminded me today as I was attempting to catch up on my google reader feeds.

Good intentions Goals For July


  • BLOG 365 continues .
  • Continuing my goal to have my posts up by 3pm (a few days successful ) and trying to use Blogger scheduled posts (ahead of time) for days I am busy. Stuffed this up by not checking the date and I had three posts spit out in one day unintentionally ...ooops.
  • Find a new comment system (if it’s possible) check out blogger indraft with new wordpress style inline commenting .
  • Design a new header for my blog Undone - to do in July!.
  • Continue commenting and connecting with new people during International Comment Leaving Week … see the link in my sidebar - leaving a minimum of 5 comments a day on new blogs and returning one visit (I return almost all ;) )

Health - crunch time - eat healthier foods and home cooked meals

Eat less of this I'll cross cake off the list ... after my birthday okay !

Ride this - 30 mins a day minimum 5 days a week - so far this is one habit I am keeping up with and sticking at - some days I miss so I ride 1 hr the next .It has been tough LOL but I am enjoying it .
Photography - still on my undone list but a long term plan to learn more - maybe Jenty will share some tips. I have to wait for a new camera before I do anything.

I aim to continuing
  • explore a few blogs about reducing grocery spending and start my own price book (not started yet)
  • Track our spending more carefully - starting now.
  • Review what we have been spending the last few months - underway too.
  • Stick to my Buy Nothing Challenge as much as possible
  • Check the guide of cost/hr of various electrical appliances …take the time to switch off a lot of appliances.
  • wear more clothes ... stop laughing's not just to save money on heating the new neighbours are moving in soon and their kitchen /outdoor eating balcony overlooks our kitchen and the dining table we keep our clothes on ( folded of course). We keep the curtains open to let the morning sun in.

Planning and Productivity

  • Finish organising this and sort my filing cabinet and system out ... half done !

  • Start 2008 tax early this year after finishing end of financial year stuff.This is a must do else we have huge tax bill to pre pay and they leave the quarterly pay as you go high all year till we do it
  • Review and rewrite my 43 things and draft my 101 in 1001 days. I want to start on my birthday... I forgot about this so I will list 10 things for for 101 list tomorrow.
  • Make new to do lists and charts- I found this excellent link to a create your own custom styled schedule and task list for kids and adults. It has every theme imaginable - all the cartoon characters (Like Thomas,Sponge BOB, DORA, Sesame street ,Princess and animals etc) you chose your own pictures and you add your own task/chore list... then print it off. I love lists
it will hopefully help me ...
  • Leave earlier to get to appointments, playgroup and church on time -still working on this .
Growing our own vegetables -The seedlings of chinese cabbage ,cauliflower and something else ? are still alive but someone killed off my 3 tomato seedlings from seeds planted by moving them .I have to start again -so they are ready for Spring.

Have you got any short goals or long term plans ?
What are your goals for July ?

One last thing ... I am trying to get to bed by or earlier -some days I succeed ...

Another thing the Planning Queen reminded me of is catching up with friends and this is definitely a high priority on my list.

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Cathy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's 12:09am so I'm earning brownie points for getting in early! Not sure what these brownie points could be used for in blog land lol?! Hope you have a very enjoyable day filled with all your favourite things :) You bring joy to so many through your blog, so hope the favour is returned and you have an amazing birthday :)) xx

Amanda said...

Happy birthday!!!

Great list of goals, by the way. Maybe I would get more accomplished if I would actually write down the things I want to get done!

womb for improvement said...

Whoa. You missed out 'secure world peace'! Are you sure you aren't asking too much of yourself? My to do list in July also includes turn a year older - birthday a week today and get pregnant. That's about it. Good luck with all your tasks.

womb for improvement said...

Oh and I just asked your 8 ball widget if I would get pregnant this month and it said 'very doubtful'. Damn.

Eva said...

Wow, I got exhausted just reading about your plans!

Happy birthday. I hope it's a great one.

Jayne said...

I'll have a serving of the money, the chocolate, the chocolate cake and you can keep the exercise bike :P

Lilly's Life said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! You are one amazing woman you know that? I love your honesty and you really do inspire me to do more with my own life (plus you give me some great ideas). I ma struggling just doing what I should be doing but your energy is contagious I am sure. Hope you ave a truly wonderful and RELAXING day!!!

Bettina said...

Happy Birthday!!!

DLTK's is a great site isn't it? I've been using it for ages for chore charts etc for the kids.

tiff said...

I LIKE the sound of your last point ALOT.
The less chocolate...not so much.

Kim said...

I don't know how you fit all of this in Trish..
I see you have the new commenting system in...
so much easier to use...
happy birthday !!!
hope you are having a very relaxing day :)

Just Me. said...


I'm giving you a cyber cake :) heh. :)

baby~amore' said...

@Cathy:thank you I did it
@Amanda : i write it down but don't always get it down.thank you
@womb for improvement :LOL - that;s for next month or maybe today I know some women having issues with each other . Praying your pregnancy is in the wings (hugs) Have a great humpiday. The magic 8 ball sucks sometimes.
@Eva : thank you I can't complain and those plans are just good intentions's the thought that counts.
@Jayne: LOL - the money tree has withered up .At least the exercise keeps me exhausted I don't have time or energy to go shopping.
@Lilly's ;Life :It was relaxing of sorts - thank you for your kind words,-now I need some chocolate to get energised
@Bettina : I enjoy the DLTK site.. print the lists ..and someone else loses them so I forget anyway.
@ Tiff : hopefully soon ;) once we all get over the lurgies okay .I admit I like chocolate balls better rocky road and that's what I had first thing this morning ..
@ Kim :Thanks Kim I did and so far I like this comment system - I can't wait for comment luv.
..and a house cleaning Fairy so I can relax more every day.
@just me :thank you (hugs)and mmmm

Me & Boo said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Goodness gracious you don't plan to do much do you! Does that mean you get to take it easy in August? :-)

Jenn said...

Great link to the charts, by the way. I really enjoyed this post, it has motivated me to get going on some of my goals, too.

We've been really focusing on our finances for the last year and it feels so good to finally be on top of things in that area.

Good luck getting everything done! You've got quite a list! :) said...

Hi, thanks once again for visiting our blog, wI buy my silicon patties at Wheel and Barrow or sometimes in the shopping centres there are kitchen shop stand I have bought them there. I even think Big w has them.
Love your plans for the year, maybe you should look at our organiser to help with the paper work,

baby~amore' said...

@Lani- I might need to by then

@Jenn - thanks Jenn

@A good sort: thanks I will check them out.

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