Monday, 16 June 2008

Someone give me a paper bag to breathe in…

please !
Last night I turned off my computer about 11.30pm ... early for me but part of my good intentions.

A few hours ago I sat down to connect to my world virtual world as I nurse the Brothers to nap.
NO access ...
All the lights were on except the Internet. I thought okay downtime.
I waited.
I half draft a post.
I waited more.Twin 1 asleep. Put him to bed.
Swap, repeat , reboot, restart do some computer housekeeping. Nothing it's been more than hour since I sat down.
Twin 2 asleep , put him to bed.

What am going to do ? I whine to myself - my first chance all day ...time is running out. I am hyperventilating... breathe ...calm blue skies ... don't let it rain on my washing either.

I decide to ring technical support and break the budget over 25c.

I get the cheerful voice animated computer tech man ...takes me through damn steps to nothing - have you ever yelled at man and got "I don't think we are communicating clearly ... maybe you didn't hear me ...let's try it again and listen all the way to the end the instructions can sometimes be complicated"
I want to punch him ... A man you can't win an argument with !

He says don't worry you won't have to go through these steps again ...grrrr.
Finally he says "are we finished " or "do you still want to speak to a consultant?" ...

"CONSULTANT" I growled ...

I get a real life man .I answer my name /date of birth with a slight growl -just in case he hangs up and I have to start again.I tell him the situation ... man I am hyperventilating I have no Internet access and yes my modem lights are on.

He detects the problem ...the code has been removed from my phone line ...programming is offline. I understand it to mean disconnected from the network.

He doesn't know why ... doesn't care it's not his problem -"tell them what I told you they will deal with it". He transfers me.

A cheerful ever so helpful woman answers.She says sorry he's right. I don't know why I have to check.

Fingers tap impatiently.I know the bills are paid automatically ... the Tool man wouldn't dare disconnect me.

After a few minutes she returns . She has no idea why it happened and says she has put through an order to reconnect but it won't be till tomorrow. The sweetener ...we will give you one month's free credit though for the inconvenience.

I can't say NO to that but I am thinking - Someone give me a paper bag to breathe in ...quickly.
I remain polite , nodding as she expresses sympathy and I question her to make sure I get the credit. We now owe $1 on our next bill she says.Excellent !

I hang up wondering what I am going to do till tomorrow -between 8am and midday -she said. I do some deleting and rearranging on the computer screen desktop and suddenly I see the elusive Internet light flashing on my modem ...we have lift off !

I want to toast to my survival ...wait 3pm is it too early for a drink ?
Back to my planned post later. Poor Bettina her computer blew up! I 'll stop complaining now.
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