Sunday, 15 June 2008

Weekly Winners

June 8th -June 14th
Lotus @ Sarcastic Mom is the host of Weekly Winners. I enjoy trying to be creative and QUIK to capture some of the snapshots in my week -never a dull moment with the Brothers.

Peek a boxBoo

Trying to reach ceiling Cat

born and bred REV head

Tiny TV repair men

Bath Time
Pretti in Pink (my new phone)

Tool man
Help ! me down ...

Birthday Glow
Make a Wishhe wants a new drum kit ... (he is 15 on Wednesday)

There's not enough room for three

Picnik is fun to play around with photos and free.
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Secret Agent Mama said...

I love what you have done here, this week, Trish!! GREAT!!

Veronica said...

Love the photos of the twins, they are getting so big! The kitten is cute and Happy Birthday (for wednesday) to your bigger boy!

(I won't tell you what I was up to at 15, hehe)

Jenty said...

Love the bath shot! There's barely enough space for them :)

Sarah said...

I love your little TV repair men :D Very cute!!

And happy birthday to the big boy!!!

Rebecca said...

Peek a boo and bath time are my favorites. Nice work! :)

Annie said...

I laughed out loud at the one trying to reach ceiling cat...funny!

I also like the tool man - very neat!

Karen of Sillymonkeez said...

Such great photos!! My absolute favorite is the aerial view of the boys having their bath. They are too darn cute!!!

Chris said...

I also like the aeriel one, but the cat takes the cake... looks like a trouble maker if ever there was one!

maggie's mind said...

Aw, super cute, all of these!! I love the captions, too. Sometimes captions add so much fun, and these definitely did - Tiny TV Repairmen, hehehe.

Childlife said...

Looks like a great week, Trish :)

I love your bathtub shot and your little TV Repairmen are much cuter than the one that came to our house yesterday! ;)

DC said...

Great photos! I love the bathtime pic!! :)

Xbox4NappyRash said...

I love the TV repair men one...

tiff said...

I love all of the ones of the boys (and your big boy of course)

PS Would LOVE to come see you on the 29th!!!! Can't believe they'll be two!!!!!!!!

Hey it's Amy Shipp said...

Great shots, all of them! I like your new pink phone :D and your little men are seriously the cutest ever!!

Gibson Twins said...

Hey your bathtub looks a lot like ours! More toys than babies :) The pictures are sweet as ever!

Crazed Mom said...

Oh Trish you lucky, lucky girl. You are now the mother of a 15yo boy. You might want to run to the USA with twins ASAP....lemme know I'll give you my phone number. LOL.

Love the bog brother photos, the bathphoto, the standing on the window ledge. All of them are good but those were my favorites.

HRH said...

Fun pictures this week. I love the bath cute!

Sally Ann said...

Your photos are always so good and make me want a new better camera.

baby~amore' said...

@ Secret Agent Mama: thank you

@ Veronica: thank you - I know - it doesn't take long to grow them LOL maybe if I don't feed the new ones as much.
;) I won't forget LOL - thanks for the warning .He is going to get a big surprise too.

@ Jenty :they insist on all the toys in the bath -that's only half..

@ Sarah: I only just caught them at that.Thank you.

@ Rebecca : boxes are such fun and bathtime too.

@Annie : couldn't resist LOLcats is so funny. The shadow was a catch too.

@Karen of Sillymonkeez : batiste is fun with two in the you know.

@ Chris : she is indeed - loves to crash tackle me ... and hide I waiting -bites my feet while I am nursing and plays with boys feet too - so they giggle and wriggle

@ maggie's mind: the captions take some thinking - I am sure others could have fun recaptioning

@Childlife: one was at it again today - the TV moves easily and is need of the Tool man's expertise to stop the tiny repair men.

@ DC :thanks for visiting ;) NCLM is fun.
@Xbox4NappyRash :thanks - they had just undone each others pyjamas -one fully and then started on the cables

@ tiff : yes he is shy the big one don't catch him much on camera. Great !!! and neither can I *sigh* TWO

@ Hey it's Amy Shipp ; yes it's nice and girly in a house of boys. thank you !

@Gibson Twins : thank you ...the bathtub was fairly clean that night lucky !

@Crazed Mom ; 2 more days ...I might put him on a plane to Queensland's cheaper. We had my nephew live with us for one year from 17 -18 - they owe us - keeping it up my sleeve. The big brother is still camera shy and not keen on being blogged LOL if he only knew

@ HRH : thank you Holly.I enjoyed your water ones.

@ Sally Ann:my camera is a basic Kodak - some of the picture effects I have been using Picnik - check it out to enhance any images...

Connie said...

Great winners~my faves are peek a box/boo & bath time. I think all kids love bath time & have such fun!

jessica said...

wow those pictures are amazing they look diffrent

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