Thursday 5 June 2008

Anyone out there ?

Firstly, I really enjoyed the Blog Blast for peace yesterday - there were so many excellent Peace posts and creative peace globes. Well worth checking them out.Thanks to everyone who joined in and visited me.

As you may have noticed I am doing Blog 365 .If you see my archives by the month - the number of posts 37-38-37-37 -37 it is amazingly quite by accident - freaky !
I noticed about 24th May - that if I continued to post once a day -May would be 37 posts too. The other months were not planned either. It just happened that way. The OCD in me wants to delete a Feb post to 'even' it out.

Right now, I'm in a bit of a blogging fog. My life is pretty dull right now and I would like to keep my blog fresh and interesting for new visitors and NCLM visitors.I do have some new ideas in the pipeline.I'll share those soon.

I feel a little uneasy talking about my children too much ... every time I sit down to blog turn my back they are getting into mischief usually involving climbing (we have already moved the chairs to the hallway), sometimes funny often daredevil, with tearful stumbling over the scattered toys or from whacking each other and always trailing gleeful laughter.

A good friend told me I don't give a lot away. So do you have any questions ? with a spirit of honesty and openness I will answer anything, ask away except ...
  • You can't have the Tool man's email address
  • Spammers I am not giving you my bank account or credit card details!I don't care how much money you want to bequeath me
  • and NO, we don't need any male supplements.
Help me fill in the blanks because I feel very guilty for leaving out important details. I'll try to do a post in next week with the answers if I get questions .

Another thing for you ...lets have a bit of interaction with everyone visiting - if you want to share ...even if I know you new friends might not
  1. where are you from (can be as vague as you please) ?
  2. what is the weather today ?
  3. what is your *bio ?
  4. how are you feeling today in one word ?
  5. tell me (and everyone about your blog in 25 words or less and how long you have been blogging )
  6. optional ... leave a fun question for the next commenter ...
*I generally avoid asking anyone their martial, child or fertility status but feel free to add only if you choose.

Hello, to NCLM visitors - please read my welcome post here and you can find my long story HERE
I hope someone is out there wants to play along...

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♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

1.where are you from (can be as vague as you please) ?
2.what is the weather today ?
3.what is your *bio ? are you feeling today in one word ?
5.tell me (and everyone about your blog in 25 words or less and how long you have been blogging )
6. optional ... leave a fun question for the next commenter ...

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

1.Sydney Australia
2.overcast after a few days of pouring rain.Well needed for the farmers.
3.Married 18yrs to Tool man. 4 children - 3 on earth and 1 in heaven. Infertility,Adoption,stillbirth and IVF.
5.Crazy ramblings of a mum of twin toddlers and a teen man who doesn't have the answers on how to be MUM of the year.
6. YOUR TURN ... what is your favourite chocolate ?

jeanie said...

1. Currently Paradise. Born in a country town to the west, schooled in a jail to the north, moved south, souther, souther then back until where I am now.
2. Perfect! Sunny, hardly a cloud.
3. Slid down the greasy pole of success, tried it on as a poet, had a child with a man who died and now looking for more money and loving another good man.
4. Frustrated.
5. Blogging for nearly 2 years on the inanities of life.
6a. Dark chocolate, preferably with roasted almonds or hints of citrus. But anything will do!
6b. You have $100 to blow - what do you blow it on?

Anonymous said...

1. The middle of nowhere!!!

2. Raining - hip hip hooray!!!

3. SAHM to 3 kids (2 at school, 1 at preschool). Married to a farmer for 12 years. Still trying to discover "what I want to be when I grow up".

4. Weary

5. Started blogging over a year ago and have a growing addiction to it. Currently at 4 blogs plus a few in the pipeline that are "sort of" blogs.

6. If I had $100 I'd blow it on a pair of hot pink shoes!!!

Question: What is your biggest regret in life so far?

Anonymous said...

1. The boonies of NSW. Love it and hate it, it's home.

2. Stormy.

3.Mother of too many children, wife and crazy person.

4. Disappointed.

5. Blogging for just over a year about all manner of things related to my family. Hot topics include how much I hate my paediatrician :)

6. My biggest regret? Today? The paediatrician, Hands down. LOL

My question; Do you think Gordon Ramsey is hot?

Also, Trish, more stories about your boys, your life, what makes you happy, what makes you sad, growing up. Anything that helps me to know you better.

Eliza said...

1. The American Southeast.
2. A little chilly now but it's early--probably will need a/c later.
3. Married impulsively at 21, had three kids in four years (my inner academic feminist still doesn't know if she likes me anymore), somehow still got my terminal degree and taught literature at the college level for a bit, but had to stop when my youngest child got very ill.
4. Ugh!
5. I blog anonymously about my kids, being chronically ill, and what it is like to find out AFTER THE FACT that you are passing on a heritable genetic syndrome. Lots of doctor talk, but humor too and we're still a lot like any other family. Been at it since '06.
6. Next commenter--if you had to choose one meal to eat over and over for the REST OF YOUR LIFE what would it be? Dunno who Gordon Ramsey is, sorry. Don't get out much :)

Jayne said...

1. Melb, Victoria.
2. Overcast and drear.
3. Shackled to The Spouse with 3 fruit of my loins that are The Tribe.
4. Excellent!
5. My blog is about everything Aussie. Been blogging for just over 12 months now.
6.Chilli pasta salad.
Next commenter - who do you prefer; David Tennant or Tom Baker as Dr Who ? :P

Martin said...

Firstly - those male supplements, if you don't want them...

Cork, Ireland, living in Holland.
Cork, probably raining, I dunno, here, grey.
Married almost 3, a couple for 10.5.
Infertile, we think, maybe, at the moment, who knows.
Involves humping, wazzing on sticks, crying and jokes about sperm and wobbly bits.
I've twelve words left so I should tell you the important fact....
Who were F.A cup runners up in 1963?
(david tennant to the previous question by the way, by miles)

loribeth said...

Hi, & thanks for visiting my blog! Here to return the visit & check out yours!

1. From the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada
2. Weather this morning is about 15C & overcast.
3. Bio: 47 y/o; married almost 23 yrs; daughter Katie stillborn @ 26 wks in August 1998; living childfree 7 yrs after several rounds of Clomid & IUIs with injectables.
4. How are you feeling today in one word? Tired!
5.Blogging since last October on all things related to pregnancy loss, infertility & living with the aftermath.
6a. Favourite chocolate: I never met a chocolate I didn't like. ; )
6b. I would probably blow $100 on books or scrapbooking supplies.
Biggest regret: not being able to have a baby.
One meal: pasta!
Gordon Ramsay? Umm, not quite my type.
Sorry, I've never really gotten into Dr. Who, although I know people who rave about it.
Next commenter: favourite vacation so far?

Anonymous said...

Hi thought i would give it a go and participate as well :)
1-Sayville, NY USA
2-Overcast with a bit of blue poking through
3-Recovering addict in the process of self-discovery
5-The Process of a Miracle...My journey to discover the magic of life...been blogging for about a year
6-Camping trip with my family last year...simple but FUN.
Question for the next.....One thing you can do that's weird :)

Gill said...

1.where are you from The East coast of South Africa
2.what is the weather today? A beautiful Autumn day
3.what is your *bio? 40yo mom to 2 teenage daughter, happily married. are you feeling today in one word? Fine!
5.tell me (and everyone about your blog in 25 words or less and how long you have been blogging) My blog is about all sorts of things.... my life, my country, my family, whatever takes my fancy
6. What can I do that's weird? - bend my left thumb right back away from my palm.
optional ... leave a fun question for the next commenter ... If you could have your life over again, what career would you choose?

Andy said...

1) Nova Scotia, Canada
2) Cloudy and 17C
3) Lesbian adoptive mom to a soon to be 6 year old and an adoptee myself
4) sore
5) I've only been blogging for a couple of months. I cover mundane day to day stuff as well as adoption topics - both because of my own adoption/reunion story and my son's adoption story/
6) If I could have a do-over, I would choose to be a doctor

Anonymous said...

# where are you from? Oregon
# what is the weather today? Cold and rainly. Hello, I thought this was supposed to be JUNE!
# what is your *bio? Married with one child - she's 7 1/2
# how are you feeling today in one word? ready
# tell me I've been blogging for a couple of years, first on a private "this is what my family is up to and here's a picture of it" blog. More recently (since Jan.) I've had a public blog where I write about what my family has been up to and here is a picture of it but in a more interesting way.
# optional ... Jacob or Edward?

Sunny said...

1.where are you from? "From" the Midwestern U.S., transplanted to Seattle.

2.what is the weather today ? Well, it's Seattle... so cloudy and rainy.

3.what is your *bio ? Closing in on 30, madly in love with my hubby (high school sweetie), a "helper" by profession, surprised it took tons of shots and five dates with a turkey baster to get pregnant, but grateful for the result. are you feeling today in one word ? Exhausted

5.tell me (and everyone about your blog in 25 words or less and how long you have been blogging ) Since Sept 07... Blogging about typical new mommy and girlie stuff, with some infertility talk thrown in for fun.

6. For next commenter: What ice cream flavor best illustrates your personality?

Response to previous commenter: Edward

Unknown said...

1.Jo'burg, South Africa
2.It was a typical sunny winters day and it's freezing tonight!
3.Married with 2 boys
5.Which blog? I have 2... one with a photo-a-day and the other is my venting place. I have one day left of my year of photos!
6. What colour are your eyes?

My answer from the last commenter... who knows? I don't like ice cream :)

Peajay said...

1. Where are you from?Hertfordshire, UK
2. What is the weather today? Warm and sunny at last. What a Summer so far.
3. What is your bio? 40year old, single, unable to have children.
4. How are you feeling today? Perplexed.
5. tell me (and everyone about your blog in 25 words or less and how long you have been blogging ) It's a bit of everything really, humour, staying in touch with some friends and family, unburdening occasionally. I'm into my second year of blogging and some of it's experimental for a future business related web site.
6. optional ... leave a fun question for the next commenter ... If you could....Would you? ;)
Thanks for stopping by my blog Trish.

Unknown said...

1. Gippsland, Victoria, Australia
2. It's cool and dark.
3. A variety of careers, partners, a close loving extended family, currently love being a mother to my 2 over 18 year olds and teacher to mobs of teenagers.
4. unappreciated
5.almost 3 years blogging after a few false starts Joh Blogs began Sept 05
6. If I could I would - except if it hurt anyone, including myself!
Question is: Do you reveal your true life on your blog?

Anonymous said...

Hi Trish :o)
Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day!

1.I was born in Bogota, Colombia, but consider myself a Californian.

2. Southeastern United States muggyliciousness-- I admit, I kinda like it.

3. Thirty-one, married for four years, mother to a charming toddler.

4. I'm feeling much lighter now that my husband is on his way home.

5. Blogging for three years, and my blog is about near-daily observations and the human animal. And it's also all about originality too (*snicker*).

6. First, answer: I reveal as much as I can, but I protect the guilty wherever applicable (the guilty is usually me). Question: What's the better dessert, cake or pie?

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

that was fun ...reading your replies.

@Jeanie: thanks for joining in. I like chocolate with Almonds too -any in fact. Oh what I'll give for a sunny sky to dry ALL our clothes.

@ Lightening: I blow on a pair of new leather boots (not pink though). What girl doesn't like new shoes? You can have our rain and yes Hooray much needed areas are getting precious precipitation. I like your new blog.

@ Tiff: Paediatricians need to be hog tied and whipped with a wet nappy. Do you think Gordon Ramsey is hot? Oh yes …in the kitchens he works in must be steamy ;). LOL he can cook me dinner any night.

@ Eliza: you have a full, busy and happy life by the sound of it. Sorry to hear about your youngest and genetic inherited disease -hope you both continue to get best care possible. Stay cool.
If you had to choose one meal to eat over and over for the REST OF YOUR LIFE what would it be? OMG that’s a great question to drool over.

@ Jayne: your blog is quintessentially Australian and such fun. I like old Tom but my eyes say David Tennant.Nice.

@ Xbox: LOL - I 'll let them know. I want to know how an Irish man from Cork ended spinning windmills in the tulip patch and what's the Important fact??? 1962-63 Manchester United 3-1 Leicester. I truly guessed MU as winners - that was a curly one.

@Loribeth: I love to visit Canada (Anne Fan).I read Katie's story (hugs).Your blog is very insightful. I love that chocolate quote but I hate $2 store chocolate boxes. Thanks for joining in. Interesting to know how wide the visitors to my blog are spread.

@ Mighty Morgan: thank you too. I 'all check out your blog I want I’d like to hear more of the magic. I love camping with my family too.

@ Gill: a blog that takes my fancy ;) - wow on the thumb trick.

@ Andy: I am interested in adoption too because of our adopted son. A doctor *nods* a worthy profession indeed. I couldn't do the hours or the worry.

@ frantically simple: crazy weather hey in Oregon. Great answer -ready ! That come back would surprise people wouldn't it? What for ?

@ C : you have what we have C & Rainy - congratulations Bean is adorable - cuteness beyond measure. Do you say ice-cream!

@ Jenty: that's right your seasons are the same. Wow only one day left on your year of photos. Congratulations.

@ Peajay: aww summer ...I need some sun on my freezing bones. Good luck with your experimental blog.The UK is another place I'd like to see. thanks for joining in

@ Joh: I appreciate you (hugs) thanks for joining in. I hope your students appreciate you I wish my teen had a teacher like you. Great answer - my motto too .

@ Mme. Meow : a Harry Potter fan ? Wonderful your husband is on his way home. WE all try to be original LOL and I love your answer ...

What's the better dessert, cake or pie? cake me away!

Hecticmom Undone said...

Hi - Thanks for the comment on my blog:

where are you from (can be as vague as you please) ? Sacramento, California

what is the weather today ? Gorgeous in the 80s (Farenheit)

what is your *bio ? 35, married, 9 year old daughter and 7 year old son

how are you feeling today in one word ? bitchy

tell me (and everyone about your blog in 25 words or less and how long you have been blogging )
optional ... Blog is a place to vent and try to make people laugh. when I feel like it. I've been on my undone blog for about 6 months and my "sanitized" (because the parentals found it) blog for almost 2 years.

leave a fun question for the next commenter ... do you think that doing headstands helps you lose weight?

And to answer the last question - BOTH! cake and pie BOTH rule!

Still Standing Strong in A Bloom of Hope. said...


1. Melbourne, Australia.

2. Gloomy and dark.

3. Married with no kids.. furry baby counts, no?

4. Not sure how i'm feeling today..:(

5. Blogging about a year odd. I blog to save my mind and i love graphics so i use graphics to express how i feel.

6. to answer to your question. i'm not sure about the headstands tho'..but somebody did tell me once that if i did some headstands, maybe his sperm might "penetrate" into my "eggs" better! I rolled my eyes and looked away!

Question to the next commenter: what is the biggest blow that you've had in your life? and i'm not talking about blow-you-know-what? :)

Anonymous said...

Ooh look at all your comments and questions!!! I have always wanted to do the 'ask me a question' thing but I am always scared no one would ask...

Ok so my turn...
1.where are you from? Melbourne, currently living just north west of Melbourne in semi rural Victoria.
2.what is the weather today ? Cold, damp. dreary and foggy.
3.what is your *bio ? Married, three kids (4,4 and almost one), totally mental. are you feeling today in one word ? odd.
5.tell me (and everyone) about your blog in 25 words or less and how long you have been blogging... um my blog - I've been blogging for almost two years, previously at blogger. It's all about my crazy life with my kids and the Baldy Boy, with a few ideas for kids activities, a couple of recipes and my tragic attempts at organising my life thrown in for good measure.... is that more than 25 words???

and my question for your ... How did you decide on your boys' names??

Lilly said...

Oh what a great idea!

1. I am from Sydney originally and lived in the US and UK and now love in the ACT.
2. The weather today is overcast and I think winter is definitely here....
3.I am single (why will later be revealed in answer to 'still standing's' last quetion) with a grown daughter and another "daughter" and "son" I have kind of adopted on the way (long story!).
4. I am feeling relaxed, content, warm and snug!
5. My blog is about this and that and no post is ever the same as the other. Eclectic I guess. It's just about life as I see it. I have been blogging since January 08and am addicted!!
6 My question is - If you had your life to live over again what is the one thing you would change?

7. And to the poster still standing (as katef left a question for Trish) the biggest 'blow' in my life is finding out the man of my dreams was a psychopath. It wasnt pretty which is why I am single for the forseeable future (and for your sakes no, I have never really written about it on my would believe me - I try and keep it positive, well for the most part)!

Thanks Trish - this was great fun!!

Laura Paxton said...

1.where are you from? From South Carolina, currently living in Virginia

2.what is the weather today? Hot and muggy

3.what is your *bio? Married for 15 years to my college sweetheart, with 6 kids, aged 4,6,8,10,12, and14...4 girls and 2 boys... are you feeling today in one word? emotional

5.tell me...I've been blogging for 4 years, but only since Januaryish on the current one. The name says it all...I am a Mom of Six, this is my life...

6. optional ... one thing I would change? I would NOT give up my dreams because of negative people in my life.

Next: Hamburgers or Hot dogs?

Anonymous said...

Firstly Trish, I had a really personal question for you...

But I forgot it while reading all your comments!

Hope life is treating you well :)

Okay, here are my answers for you, now:

1. I'm from Sydney, Australia

2. Overcast & cooollld!

3. 35, SAHM of 2 beeootiful kids, Wren & Mr Bump. but then you knew that one ;)

4. Feeling frustrated because it's too cold for the kids to go outside & they are L.O.U.D.

5. I've been blogging since Feb this year, so that's... what, 4mths?

My blog is called Kidzarama (that's why I'm Jane @ Kidzarama, helps to differentiate me from all the other "Jane"s around!)

I write about the kidz' craft projects and mine, with a bit of parenting humour thrown in for good measure.

And it'd have to be hamburgers, with cheese please :)

Next ...
How often do you clean your bathtub?

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

Still Standing Strong in A Bloom of Hope: Oh! on the headstand .. did they mean while 'in the act' or after doing the deed.I love your positive 'tagline'.Yes furry baby counts too. That's for clarifying your Question LOL

@Hectic mom - welcome and I hope my MIL doesn't find my blog even at 77 she uses the internet.Oh California sounds lovely right now.
It was hard choice the cake or pie.

Kate : we have Melb weather too at the moment.You pass 25 words or close enough. I will answer your question very soon in a post.I hope things even out for you ;)

Lilly: we are all having dreary weather. I love the letters you write to your daughter. I am sorry about the man of your dreams OMG -words fail me !

Laura: I am glad you are following your dreams.There is so much negativity in life and no one prepared to support people who dream big things or even better things.Thanks for joining I enjoy reading your memories and kids adventures.

@Jane : I can just hear you on #4 over the LOUD things here LOL.Your blog has lots of fun for kids.
I didn't know you have been logging 4 months.That's something new.

that was fun ...

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