Thursday, 5 June 2008

Anyone out there ?

Firstly, I really enjoyed the Blog Blast for peace yesterday - there were so many excellent Peace posts and creative peace globes. Well worth checking them out.Thanks to everyone who joined in and visited me.

As you may have noticed I am doing Blog 365 .If you see my archives by the month - the number of posts 37-38-37-37 -37 it is amazingly quite by accident - freaky !
I noticed about 24th May - that if I continued to post once a day -May would be 37 posts too. The other months were not planned either. It just happened that way. The OCD in me wants to delete a Feb post to 'even' it out.

Right now, I'm in a bit of a blogging fog. My life is pretty dull right now and I would like to keep my blog fresh and interesting for new visitors and NCLM visitors.I do have some new ideas in the pipeline.I'll share those soon.

I feel a little uneasy talking about my children too much ... every time I sit down to blog turn my back they are getting into mischief usually involving climbing (we have already moved the chairs to the hallway), sometimes funny often daredevil, with tearful stumbling over the scattered toys or from whacking each other and always trailing gleeful laughter.

A good friend told me I don't give a lot away. So do you have any questions ? with a spirit of honesty and openness I will answer anything, ask away except ...
  • You can't have the Tool man's email address
  • Spammers I am not giving you my bank account or credit card details!I don't care how much money you want to bequeath me
  • and NO, we don't need any male supplements.
Help me fill in the blanks because I feel very guilty for leaving out important details. I'll try to do a post in next week with the answers if I get questions .

Another thing for you ...lets have a bit of interaction with everyone visiting - if you want to share ...even if I know you new friends might not
  1. where are you from (can be as vague as you please) ?
  2. what is the weather today ?
  3. what is your *bio ?
  4. how are you feeling today in one word ?
  5. tell me (and everyone about your blog in 25 words or less and how long you have been blogging )
  6. optional ... leave a fun question for the next commenter ...
*I generally avoid asking anyone their martial, child or fertility status but feel free to add only if you choose.

Hello, to NCLM visitors - please read my welcome post here and you can find my long story HERE
I hope someone is out there wants to play along...

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