Thursday, 17 April 2008

This and that ...

So my dear readers did you miss me ?

Okay don't answer that.I really missed you and my Google reader had over 350 posts, over 100 emails too ...forgive me if I have missed visiting you.I had very limited dial up access but it or the computer I was using wouldn't let me into my comments or others - (maybe it was blocking pop ups?)

Well, I am back. Just as we got home last night there was a power failure in the area. So we went shopping for milk and bread etc.I got home - still in darkness and thought darn I can't use my computer magic the sensor light came on and we heard the neighbours shouting hooray.

Suddenly, I had joy,joy ,joy in my heart but for the sake of sanity I had to restrain myself to unpacking the car and feeding the Brothers dinner and then nursing them.

So did I miss anything exciting ?

What's your news ?

I know my traffic is down and my subscribed readers goes up and down.

I have a good excuse we have a quick sojourn to Central West NSW near Dubbo.I bummed around the old house and fought my blog addiction with eating,cooking and eating, cleaning up, and eating and chasing the Brothers ... plus dealing with the scourge of the outback burs - prickly little b@stards.

The boys enjoyed runnign away from me exploring the farm and long grass. Then wanted to picked up, a lot, their pants bottoms/legs/socks were covered in burrs and so was I ...aarghhhh or the floor in my bare feet.O U C H try not to swear !!!

My DH had some things to do to help his father fix around the farm ... FIL is almost 81 but thinks he is 60 - though less so nowadays but still extremely active. He has a pacemaker so can't operate things with spark plugs near his chest (like the whipper snipper) so Dh did that. He also mowed the grass around the house, ploughed a huge paddock, made a few firebreaks for scrub bush piles ( 'bonfire' material but first FIL needs to wait till right time and get approval to burn them) and fixed a leaking roof .Not much of a holiday for Dh but he likes playing farm boy and driving the tractor. Our teen was content motorbike riding and driving the paddock basher cars around. S & J loved bashing too.

Where am I at now ...I am struggling to get our 2007 tax returns finished and a heap of other business essentials due all about now. We also started using Office 2007 and I am lost using the new features and finding my way around Excel. Curse it !

I lack motivation but it has to be done. At least now it is school holidays I have a helper to keep the Brothers from driving me crazy occupied .They are have been fractious lately and wanting a lot of loving.Plus having to watch them so carefully with S's glasses @ over $300 I can't afford to have them broken (again) ... well when we get them back.

S 's new glasses also broke while we were away.I lost half a day taking them back to order a replacement - at their cost because the first ones were not the right size.I noticed I get a lot of hits from Google on white eye reflection

I still get quite a few photos with white eye reflection and I know what his is - myelinated retinal nerve fibres plus myopia.I just hope his vision isn't too badly affected .I also hope he doesn't end up with a turned eye ('cross eyes' -like me)

I am almost blind in one eye for a completely different reason (head injury as a child at school with undiagnosed partially detached retina).I have peripheral vision but a huge blind spot in central vision. I have had two eye surgery twice to correct the turn - it is still noticeable and I feel very self conscious about it. I wore glasses at school for a few years too. I was teased mercilessly at school for this and other reasons .I don't want him to suffer this either.

In three weeks we will have to start patching his good eye ... imagine the fun then.I am planning to make 'pirate' play a feature of every day to get his used to it. Well if he understands.

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