Friday, 18 April 2008

Challenges .... 52 blessings grateful Fridays,

No,this is not about the challenges I am facing.
During the last two weeks when I have had a few spare minutes I have been challenged by this - money ! or rather spending it NOT.

I am grateful for all that I have ... money to spend (well not as much as I like or need but enough) . I can eat buy all the food I want need , access medical care for myself and my children , we are buying our home and we have a comfortable lifestyle (yes though we still work hard).

I have received this by email several times and another one similar about putting things in perspective (it is at the end)

If we were to break down the population of the world into a small community of 100 people, keeping the same percentages we have today, it would end up something similar to this :

61 Asians
12 Europeans
08 North Americans
05 South America and the Caribbean
13 Africans
01 Oceania

50 women
50 men
47 live in urban areas
9 are disabled

33 are Christian (Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox, Anglicans and other Christians)
18 are Muslims
14 are Hindus
16 are non-religious
6 are Buddhists
13 practice other religions

43 live without basic sanitation
18 live without an improved water source

6 people own 59% of the entire wealth of the community

13 are hungry or malnourished
14 can’t read
only 7 are educated at a secondary level
only 12 have a computer
only 3 have an Internet connection

1 adult, aged 15-49, has HIV/AIDS.

The village spend more than US$1.12 trillion on military expenditures UN
and only US$ 100 billion on development aid

If you keep your food in a refrigerator
And your clothes in a closet
If you have a roof over your head
And have a bed to sleep in
You are richer than 75% of the entire world population.

If you have a bank account
You’re one of the 30 wealthiest people in the world.

18 struggle to live on US$ 1.00 per day or less…
53 struggle to live on US$ 2.00 per day or less.
Appreciate what you have
And do your best for a better world.

Doesn't that make you feel Rich ! I do - blessed - grateful- because I have a lot more to live on.I can't imagine living in a world without money to spend freely.

I want to spend less money not just to be frugal but to use our money wisely. We need all the help we can get to reduce our mortgage and reduce clutter (and therefore cleaning -if that makes sense). We already have way too much stuff -toys, clothes and appliances... possessions .Yes they make our life richer but at what expense ?.

Buy Nothing Challenge - April 2008

thanks to Crunchy chicken for hosting it and to Domestically blissed for making me aware of it

The challenge is to buy nothing bare essentials ...
  • No new clothes
  • No new gadgets
  • No new furniture or housewares
  • No salon services
  • No makeup
  • No tools
  • No whatever the hell else people buy

for April ...more than half way I am doing fine.As long as chocolate doesn't count !

So far I think I have only purchased new school shoes for the teen (and plain pair for me at 50% off deal but I needed them), and a new kettle (-old one broke down and I cannot survive with out my decaf tea).One tiny other thing for $7.90.

While we were the farm I thought a lot about how the original pioneers/settlers/squatters must have managed daily life ... with no shops for miles, no electricity, no indoor toilets, no running water (especially hot) -no time saving devices nor basic electrical appliances (kettles,toasters, mixers,washing machines) *gasp * no Internet, no chocolate ... can't imagine it - so I will stop right here.

You know what I mean. I won't go on ... it gets too ugly but for some people it is a reality and a life and death one.

I digress to say we do sponsor two children overseas ... seriously a little over a dollar (each) a day helps turn lives around.

P.s.The farm did have electricity, an indoor loo and running water but not the shops for 30 kms.

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