Sunday, 9 March 2008

Weekly Winners

It is that time already ?

March 2nd - 8th

Where did my week go ... Sunday is almost gone. Once again I am late posting but for many Sunday is only just starting.Thanks to Lotus aka Sarcastic Mom we I get to show off my favourite photos. Last Sunday we ventured into Sydney for an appointment and then a visit to the Australian National Maritime Museum - it's free !
I meant to include Kay Cottee for my International Women's day post but I was so busy I forgot. Kay was the first women to sail solo around the World 20 years ago - see some of the photos of her yacht the First lady that she donated to the museum.

Follow me...
Our week was filled with ups and downs but mostly we're had fun

We crossed a few bridges and went under the harbour (I hate tunnels)

Light houseWhat floats your boat ?

James Craig
More of Kay Cottee' sYacht-
everything had to be tied down including the lids on pressure cooker
even the cook (Kay)
Communications were very primitve and she had to rely on her navigational skills no satelite GPS or mobile reception

Her teddy was her only companion .
The Endeavour

Okay ...I had more but blogger is giving me the pips .
Have a great week and remember to take time to smell the roses and please come back soon !

Remember anyone can join in Weekly Winners over at Lotus's . I didn't have many of the Brothers this week because my camera was missing ...

Ps I had a terrible time trying to upload my pictures tonight on Blogger -had to load them one at a time in the end but still over and over !
I am going to read Kay Cottee's books -I was in awe of how she did it and I want to know more.
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