Sunday, 9 March 2008

Why breastfeed toddlers ?

As many of my regular readers know I continue to breastfeed my twin sons @ 20 months old. I plan to continue as long as mutually desirable.

I know my brother disapproves . Even last night my MIL said to me she did 'I' think 'S ' would start to eat more if I stopped breastfeeding. This is what my brother says too LOL. The stock market 'guru' whose infant nutrition degree fell out of the Kellogg's box.

Given that J my other twin eats mostly everything and always has a great appetite -but still breastfeeds - why would it make any difference ?

I wouldn't exactly call myself a Lactivist - (see this sweatshirt for the definition- click the image to check out Attached at the Hips full range) but I believe breastfeeding was the right choice for me and for my children. They have benefited from being breastfeed. At the same time I know most children thrive on formula and do just as well. I also know some mothers who wanted to nurse their baby(ies) have not been successful for a multitude of reasons.

I accept that breastfeeding twins is a challenge the upside is it gives me a great excuse to sit down for hours every day blogging and finding the time to get everything done is hard.I have been fortunate to have my husband and older son to support me.

Most importantly ... the amazing Paula @ Olive juice with her gorgeous Grant surprised me with some astonishing facts this morning - in WHY BREASTFEED A TODDLER ? It is well worth reading.


just jamie said...

I think you nailed it with the "mutually desirable" part.

Miscellaneous-Mum said...

I think you know my position on this: do it if you still want to! Phooey to all others!

Lulu said...

Since I am not a mother perhaps my opinion doesn`t mean much but if and when I have children I had the opportunity and ability to breast feed then I would...

I wasn`t breastfed as a child and my mother now wishes she did (I was born at a time when Breastfeeding was going down) because she and other doctors have thought the same, that the reason I have had so many health problems over the years the most severe being Asthma is probably linked to the fact I was not breastfed!!!

I am not sure if there is much truth in this or not but what misc mum and just jamie is definitely true...if you want to, and your boys want to, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with it!

A said...

Great shirt!
I have 3 year old twins and I breastfed them until about 18 months, when their little sister came along and took over. Little sister is now almost two and still breastfeeding.
As with all aspects of parenting - we do the best we can and go with what works for our individual families.
I love breastfeeding and am thankful that it works for us.
I'm glad it works for you, too! Good on you for sticking with YOUR choice. :-)

JaniceNW said...

My 19yo weaned himself at 17 months, my 17yo nursed until he was 2 and a half. Worked for me. Loved the alone time we got.


Corey~living and loving said...

Great post. My Sugar is a nursing junkie. lol this is our 38th month of nursing. It is a blessing in our lives.

Anonymous said...

Good on you. A lot of people would have given up a lot earlier or not even tried to breastfeed twins. It's great to see people showing its possible and enjoyable.
I breastfed Guerita to 2 years and will do that at least with Chiq (now 14 months). Anyone who has a problem with you breastfeeding - well it's their problem not yours.

Jenn said...

That's so exciting to hear that you're still nursing your twins. Thanks for linking to the Why Breastfeed a Toddler. There was a lot of good information there. I'm still nursing my 24 month old son.

Laura said...

Awesome article over at Olive juice...thanks for sharing that!

I nursed all 6 of mine...the longest was 2 1/2 years...some days I miss it.

Keep up the good work mom, you're doing something for those little guys that no one else can do!

Paula said...

I love knowing that you are over there nursing your 20 month old boys...while I am over here nursing my 20 month old. I really do think of you often...usually sending you a pat on the back...I mean twice as long nursing...thats something. Thanks for the linky and Im so glad to see the support! Its strange to me that it could be viewed as "wrong". Give me a break.

Hugs sister.

Meleah the Mommy said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS POST AND LINK!!! As you know I am still breastfeeding my twins (P&L) and they will be 14 months old in a couple of weeks. It completely works for us and I believe it may be the reason they are such happy babies. As you know nursing a toddler isn't just about nutrition, but also about comfort. We seldom have meltdowns and when we do there is always a touchstone for them to return to. Nursing (aka having our mimi's) helps to reboot the system so to speak and assists them in dealing with frustration of being a toddler.

dawn224 said...

This is really fabulous. Granted, I'm the short timer at 10 months here. I never thought I'd be one in it for the long haul, but so far I see no end in sight, and that's all good by me.

katef - said...

I wouldn't call myself a 'lactivist' either but I am very passionate about my breastfeeding relationship(s) with my babies... my brother has only once dared to pass comment about my still feeding my girls when they were 2 (they weaned themselves at about 2.5 years)... I don't think he'd be that stupid again! LOL
Breastfeeding hasn't been easy for me, but it has been something worth fighting for - my special connection to my babies (especially the girls) when there was nothing else to cling to!
he he he I could waffle for hours about it!

Anja said...

I am amazed at the armchair experts who deem to know what's best for a child that is not their own. Breast is best; always has and always will be.

The choice to cease feeding is you own (and the bubbas) You should be overjoyed that you have been able to feed them successfully, as it's not always easy with twins.

You stick to your guns and do it your way.

Amanda said...

I wish that Sissy and I had nursed longer but it seems the second she turned one she was done. more power to you! they will stop when they are ready

Jenn said...

Oh thanks for this post! I sure hope to still be breastfeeding L at 20 months. :)

Rachel said...

Absolutetly! Congrats to you and your twins! My daughter quit on her own at 14 months and the monkey boy quit at 16 months all on their own :-( I would have kept going. But, they were done. Good luck to you and kudos!!!

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