Monday, 10 March 2008

Happy Multiple Birth ...

This week is the week Australia multiple birth families and clubs celebrate

Multiple Birth Awareness Week - Celebrating the challenges and joys of Multiple Births

Each year, the Australian Multiple Birth Association (AMBA) promote Multiple Birth Awareness Week. Promoted at a local and national level it hopes to educate communities about the existence of AMBA and how it supports families as they meet the challenges of parenting twins, triplets and more.

In 2008, Multiple Birth Awareness Week will be held on 9-16th March nationally.

these are some of the events
Read more Famed Connections to Multiples -that one had some new surprises for me and
Interesting Facts, Statistics and Information about Multiples

Personally, I love to lurk the triplet blogs because I say to myself 'whoa' ... you have it so easy LOL - me not them. I won't even mention Jon and Kate plus eight.

I also read about a dozen or more twin blogs everyday just to see how they do it. Multiply the laughter and fun - twinfinite twinsanity.

I listed some of my favourites for Thursday 13 a while back but in honour of MBAW I decided it was time for more linky love ... So I re posted these fantastic blogs I have come across by mothers of twins ...and add a few more.In no particular order

Twin blogs

  1. Seabird Chronicles
  2. Three Times Kewl
  3. Amy @ Double delight
  4. Meleah @ Twintastic
  5. Tiff @ Three Ring Circus
  6. Lori @ Lori's Light Extemporanea
  7. Laura @La la girl twinifinte chaos
  8. Swistle
  9. Stacie @ Twinkies
  10. Kellan @On the upside
  11. Jen @ Jens musings
  12. Sarah & Jordan
  13. Side Talk
  14. Better make it a double
  15. Sarah & The Goon Squad
  16. Trisha @ Insanity’s Oasis
  17. Kate @ Picklebums
  18. Just Jamie @ Choosing my own
  19. Trish (Just Jamie's mom) @this is Trish's blog
  20. Woman with a hatchet
  21. A lovely online twin store is Twinsane .
I know I have probably missed some of you -please forgive me. I am so tired one of the Brothers has been sick and not sleeping well for 5 days. I just 3 hours at the hospital getting him checked over - after we spent half the day at Children's hospital for another regular clinic appointment (more about that another day).

So if I missed someone with twins please leave me a comment and I will add you too.

I will add my favourite triplet blogs too.I didn't forget you guys but since I am about to go to bed - I didn't have the links handy.


Woman with a Hatchet said...

I know what you mean about the triplet blogs. Every time I think, UGH! Twins are crazy! I think about how insane I'd be if I had one more.

Or two more...or even more than that. Aiee!

Anonymous said...

Happy multiple births! Twinfinate Twinsanity...I like that!

Meleah the Mommy said...

Thanks for the linky love and I definitely agree about the triplet blogs, they always put things in perspective for me.

Frogdancer said...

I've given birth multiple times, does that count? 4 boys in 5 years is almost like twins....

Guera said...

Don't they call that Irish twins, Frogdancer?!

Happy Multiple Birth week - all us Mums with singletons come to the twin blogs to remind how much crazier it would be if we had two!

BTW, I tagged you for a meme. :)

tiff said...

Happy Multiple Birth week. Who'd have thought we would be here today, my friend?

just jamie said...

Wow. Thanks for the handy list of fellow twinkies. Can't wait to check them out.

LunaNik said...

I also love lurking around blogs that feature twins or triplets. Those moms amaze me. Although, at only a year apart, my kids keep me pretty darn busy also!

katef - said...

Happy Multiples week! Great liunks going to go steal that second one for my blog... cause I like reading that I have a 1in 70 000 chance of having twins again! LOL

katef - said...

Okay since I have a Mr Linky account I figured I should put it to use and I have created a 'Multiples Madness' linky thingy - so come on over and sign up!
Thanks for the inspiration!

PlanningQueen said...

I am in awe of mums of twins and I can't even stretch to imagine what it would be like to have triplets. A lovely list of mum blogs for me to check out now, thanks Trish.

Fenrisar said...

See Here

Fern said...

Have you ever checked out My Five Little Monkeys? That blogger has triplet boys and twin girls all 3 and under. That's the blog I visit to remind myself to stop whining.

I have twin boys who are 3, plus singleton daughters who are 1 and 5.

Happy Multiple Birth Week! Glad to have found you!

My Semblance of Sanity said...

Havin' a blast at this PART-AY! Love your blog!

Wanted to invite you over for my PHOTOS ONLY A MOM WOULD TAKE week!

Contest will be announced tomorrow!

STAY TUNED!! And come join the fun!!

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