Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Green ...

My favourite Green H o T tips
  1. When shopping look for products that come in a reusable container or one you can recycle. Also products with minimal packaging.
  2. Use rechargeable batteries especially in high maintenance items kids toys and radios.
  3. Change your party habits - use washable plates and cups or next best paper - ditch the plastic disposable stuff or at least reduce the use of it - wash and re-use things like cutlery again.
  4. Repair more things rather than throwing them away automatically - if the fault is minor or fixable and you can't be bothered live with it offer it up on Freecycle(It is Worldwide) -someone might be able to use them as spare parts.
  5. Use Less washing powder - unless the load is really grubby half as much works (even on really cr@ppy cloth nappies ).Consider that a Front loader uses less powder and water if you are upgrading.
  6. Use Reusable Shopping Bags ... green or any other new trendy coloured ones. Recycle any plastic bags you do get given.
  7. Compost all your scraps including tea and coffee grounds (feed decomposed scraps to your worms and/or the vegetable stuff to neighbour's chickens )
  8. Drink tap water in a reusable bottle - Clean up Australia estimates only 35% of empty bottled water bottles are recycled - plus there are no extra carbon costs for transportation and emissions.
  9. Your turn ... what green tips can you share ?
H o T is hosted by Barb @ Skittles' Place

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