Friday, 14 March 2008

A Fairy Tale - A blessing

Once upon a time ... it was another busy day that started at 7.50am when the poo hit the fan with Daddy Bear & Big bother Brother bear sleeping in.

Rush, bang ... scream, yell - ! Daddy Bear had to drive BB bear to school because of course he missed the bus.

Mummy Grizzly bear had slept in too as her little alarms haven't been sleeping so well so they were sleeping in too.

Mummy bear was busy herself as she had to go to a meeting at 10am and had things to get ready - especially the two little brother bear things and drop them off on the way at the little bear sitters. Plus she had to get the Teddy Love Club teddies ready for their special delivery.

Mummy bear was very stressed because she was running late and couldn't find the LB bear s' shoes and other important things. The house was a big mess because the little bears have been trashing and crashing everything and with one sick little bear and back and forth to the Drs, not much got done .

Thankfully, Daddy bear came back home to help Mummy bear after a frantic phone call - even though he said he couldn't - instead of going to work her ...
After another nappy last dash poop change finally she was on her way. On the way out Mummy bear said to Daddy "it looks like we have been robbed " (of course they hadn't been and even if they had they wouldn't have noticed for the big mess)

So ... the Little brother bears were dropped at Aunty Bear's house and Nanny bear was there too to look after them.

Mummy Bear went to her special meeting and did the bear delivery afterwards.Then she went back to Aunty Bear's where Nanny bear had made a lovely Ravioli for lunch. Yum! It was delicious. She was feeling a bit better.

Mummy bear decided to hang around a little longer she was putting off going home to clean up so the bear cousins could see S's new glasses.

At last she had to make tracks.When Mummy bear opened the home she could hear music playing and she immediately noticed something was different - someone had been in the house ....and

tidied up everything.She could see the table and the kitchen was clean. The cleaning fairy had even left a calling card ... a beautiful rose (from the Fairy garden - It is called a Double Delight -very appropriate)

The Little bears were so excited to see the floor again ...

They laughed as they whispered to each other "can we fix it ? ... yes we can !"

Mummy Bear was so overwhelmed - she knew it was Fairy Daddy Bear ! Of course she rang to thank him .

Though the folding hasn't been done ... Mummy Bear thinks it is the least she can do to thank Daddy tonight. He might like a nice massage too.

ETA @7pm - I forgot it was Friday ... WT heck .He even washed the floor and washed the sheets (ok only because one of the little Bear's nappy leaked because he didn't have a night nappy on)

P.S.I am so grateful for my husband - he is a dream come true no you can't have his email address. He is far too busy looking after this wench . Now, he is out mowing the lawn as I write this @7pm. Just after he dug a mass grave for the 1000 worms that drowned (*sob* about $50 worth*gasp*! Phew the stench is awful -I am grateful it is right down the backyard !)

PPS - Seriously, the fact his Mother and Elderly Aunt are coming to visit tomorrow afternoon has nothing to do with it. He really is great guy.

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JaniceNW said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww. What a terrific Daddy Bear to give you a nice surprise!!!

PlanningQueen said...

How can you not love and be grateful for a suprise like that!

Jenty said...

Aww, you lucky fish!

Bettina said...

awwww you daddy bear is a doll!

katef - said...

Now that is something really worth being grateful for!
Hope all the bears are feeling much better now!

Cathy said...

"Mummy bear said to Daddy 'it looks like we have been robbed'"

haha trish - i said the EXACT same thing to my husband a couple of nights ago!! reading this post made me sigh with relief - so it isn't just my house that looks like it has been robbed?!

oh, and i understand your joy at seeing the floor (i love that too)

but seriously, how long did it last?

baby~amore' said...

yes PQ, Jenty, Bettina & Janice- it was quite a surprise - he was very busy at work but he chose to clean at home instead .

Kate - Yes my little bear is much better thank goodness !

Cathy - LOL It lasted about 5 mins - the last photo was the result of the chairs being tipped over and toys in reach pulled out. Then we took them outside and it wasn't to much damage done.

We had Pizza for dinner so kitchen stayed clean and threw plates in the dishwasher.
A relief for sure from the chores.

Jodie said...

OOOh lucky, lucky you :)

Solomon said...

Why do you have drowned worms?

Jenn said...

I've never heard of anyone else having the same struggles with getting their child to eat. I'm interested in e-mailing with you - your comment wouldn't allow me to reply.

bittersweetcollide said...

Wish you guys more love, I'm not feeling so good today but just seeing those cuties up there somehow eased the bad feelings. Glad to have graced your blog, made me feel lighter somehow knowing there's still a lot we should be grateful of, lil things that count.

. . . Dallas Meow . . . . >^^< . . . said...

can we fix it?

Melissa Markham said...

Awww...that's so sweet:)

Guera said...

What a great surprise! He's a keeper that one.

jeanie said...

Wow - what a gush of love you must feel for a man like that!

I am sure the folding was ample reward.

Becks said...

WOW!!! This is sooo cool! Not only is your husband a great guy, but you are a great writer. Your build-up of the story made his 'saving the day' that much sweeter. Hope the family visit went well. :)

I'm really excited you posted to Something Good! Thank you for stepping out of lurk-land. It's GREAT to have you.

Becks said...

I fixed the Mr. Linky link for you, and I also inserted your comment into the post.

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