Thursday, 6 March 2008

Be careful what you wish for ... Identical Triplets

I just have to share this
Imagine having only one embryo transferred on your IVF cycle and getting this surprise package.
Identical Triplet Boys

OMG - as much I love S & J -1: I am so glad they are not identical - because I would have certainly mixed them up (I did in the dark a few times-even the other night) and even more that there are only two of them... three I cannot imagine!

2: I confess at least twenty times every waking hour every day they drive me crazy trying to find my camera quickly to capture the many naughty or cute things they have done or are in the midst of doing ! or they have me rolling on floor laughing my @rse head off ! I don't want to bore you blog too much about the hard fun times. After all I got exactly what I wished for.

What a blessing for these parents &hearts
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