Sunday, 10 February 2008

Weekly Winners

February 3rd - 9th

I give praise for the plentiful rain this week -our grass is so green but now it has rained enough. It has been a busy week again. The boys drove me crazy wanting to be outside but it was pouring rain, a lot. When the sun shined briefly one day we put on the gumboots aka galoshes or wellingtons . We found a few puddles and went dancing in the sunshine.

I have a basic digital camera -(editted to correct - no fancy lenses -sorry Lotus) just like Lotus aka Sarcastic Mom and others but still they are my Weekly Winners ! So you see anyone can join in.

I get to show off my favourite photos, I also get to view some brilliant captures and images from other spectacular photographers and also other mummy bloggers like me.



The great escape this way - wait for me !

This is not the way

We love to bounce

Time to clean up

Ding dong - let me in

Score !

* Sob *

Smell the Roses

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