Wednesday, 6 February 2008

six thousand five hundred and seventy days

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6570 - can anyone guess what this number means -

Kelley @ Magnetobold had an anniversary yesterday ~ 18 years with her MPS - it got me thinking ... okay get back up on your seat now !

about numbers ...

It is precisely 18 years x 365 days = 6570 (not including leap year days)

I told my husband this figure 'six thousand five hundred and seventy '6570' and bless him - he said it didn't seem enough days !! -no mention of "you get less for murder"

but wait it didn't seem right ... so I remembered

I have add in the 4 leap year days

February 10th 1990 to today (6/2/2008) = 6570

by Sunday it will be 6574 days

Useless dribble ... of course !

Your turn - how did you meet the love of your life it your first, second or seventh ?

or how long have you been hooked ... ball & chained ... in lurve ?


shannymar said...

It has been 1,193 Days since my husband and I married! (4 Years come October 30th)and it has been 3,337 days since our first kiss (10 years). Awesome! We met in 8th grade science class we were 13!

JaniceNW said...

21 years 8 months from our moving in together until now. I don't understand I'm only 24 years old....HA! In my dreams!!!

baby~amore' said...

oh Shannymar I see you have been working things out or do you know it automatically ?
Very sweet story - my son is 14 -you have me wondering now !

baby~amore' said...

ha - Janice -you didn't tell us how you met ? Wow - that is impressive 3 x the 7 year itch.

Tracey said...

I met my husband almost 12 years ago to the day. I don't remember the exact date *hangs head in shame* but it was just after Valentine's Day. Ironically, we met at Sydney Airport as we were both departing for a flight to Port Hedland. We worked in the same organisation and were heading over there for a couple of weeks to help out. One thing led to another. When we got back he took me 'home' for a 4 day weekend to meet his parents. He proposed to me in April (a mere 2 months after we met!). We bought a unit together and moved in during June, got married in September and just celebrated 11 years of marriage.

Tracey said...

PS: that's approximately 4380 days.

I have a loooooong way to go!!

Kelley said...

I met MPS while my girlfriend was vomiting in the gutter.

The story is there in my blog somewhere.... I think it is called How I met my Husband.....

I can find the link if you want.... but I am sooooo lazy today. Someone pass the chocolate.

Thanks for letting me know how long. I am not sure I actually wanted to know, LMAO!

Lulu said...

Not as long as most who have posted...

We celebrated three years on Jan 15... Which is the day after we met and started dating!

That is 1118 days!!!

Hopefully will be a lot longer!

jeanie said...

Ha ha - we are still in our hundreds! Lets see - 365 + 6 + 15 + (31 * 5) + (30 * 2) = (gets the calculator out) 601 - and they have all been fairly good ones at that!

Hootin' Anni said...

I wouldn't have enough energy to figure in my head how many leap years there are...too early in the day. But in May of this year, ours will be 14,600 days [I had a calculator!!!]

LOVE your RAIN Wordless too. Priceless! He's a doll with that cowboy hat.

Laura said...

5,590 days and counting...since we got married...add another 365 days for dating/engagement...we're at 5,955 days! By the way...I tagged you...come see!

Paula said...

Well lets see....met my husband in that seems like around 5,519 days. However...we did not start courting till much our first kiss was only about 1,621 days ago! We have been married for a mere 890 days! Sheesh..feels like much longer some days hehe. Fun post sweetie:)

TorAa said...

I happened to meet my wife in a fully packed jazz club. Had my legs on a chair, and told people I did wait for someone. And then she came. I told her I had reserved the chair for her.
That is nearly 29 years ago. We have been togehter even since that day.

Here you can see us on our Silver Wedding Honeymoon - from Norway to South America:

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