Wednesday, 6 February 2008

six thousand five hundred and seventy days

Wordless Wednesday is below this post

6570 - can anyone guess what this number means -

Kelley @ Magnetobold had an anniversary yesterday ~ 18 years with her MPS - it got me thinking ... okay get back up on your seat now !

about numbers ...

It is precisely 18 years x 365 days = 6570 (not including leap year days)

I told my husband this figure 'six thousand five hundred and seventy '6570' and bless him - he said it didn't seem enough days !! -no mention of "you get less for murder"

but wait it didn't seem right ... so I remembered

I have add in the 4 leap year days

February 10th 1990 to today (6/2/2008) = 6570

by Sunday it will be 6574 days

Useless dribble ... of course !

Your turn - how did you meet the love of your life it your first, second or seventh ?

or how long have you been hooked ... ball & chained ... in lurve ?
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