Thursday, 7 February 2008

Happy Half Century and the Labyrinth

Happy 50th birthday K

K, is my lovely Sister in law - we hope you got lots of nice surprises and the cast comes off soon. Then you will be back on both feet ready to party and cheer for R's 50th birthday on March 7th!

K - lives 12 hrs away in Queens land and we hope we will see her soon.
Not that I have really told them about my blog - just in case they ever find it. I almost choked this morning when a commenter Txxx -said on my Wordless Wednesday post wrote "Could be my nephew" and what do know I have a sister Txxx.So, he could have been - if it was her - if you know what I mean. I am glad it wasn't her but what a crazy coincidence. (I can't remember if I have said anything mean about her)

My sister would write something like that too.One time I found her on this puzzle thing called Labyrinth -the Puzzle Files. I guessed it was her.She wouldn't tell me the answers - 'Genius' Logic Puzzles - in case you are interested - I got half way through but I was pregnant with the twins at the time and eventually got lost in the Labyrinth. A double dose of Preggo Brain.


SeaBird said...

You could do Logic Puzzles when you were carrying the boys?! I am so impressed! I could barely remember my name!

Robyn Jones said...

I left a meme for you on my can pick it up if you like...

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