Friday, 8 February 2008

Can you hear the drums

A blast from the past -but it's what I first thought of when I saw the tag line on my new drum -" you can almost hear it" animation created after my request.


That is the Good news - I got this morning when I checked my email and da da .

Bash that drum Mr Teddy Bear

I emailed the site Seven Oaks Art to ask if they had any drum animations. The brilliant Dave Sutton - said he didn't but *gasp* he would see what he could do -
So if you need any animations go check the Seven Oaks Art site they have hundreds of awesome animations.

I was so happy ...I had a little trouble getting it to animate on my blog but Dave even helped point me in the right direction.


Gill said...

Maybe I should have given swearing up for lent too - it is a huge weakness I have and yip, usually at the wrong moment too LOL!

Anne said...

I'm the swearer in our family. My husband does "Gosh, Dang it All!" I won't type what I say!!

Good for you for breastfeeding and pumping for two! Can I ask you a question? I'm thinking ahead for number 2... does the hospital grade pump work better? I was pleased with Ameda, but would definitely rent a pump if it help output. I exclusively pumped for a long while, so that would be worth it to me. Thanks!!

Yah for Top Momma! :-)

tiff said...

MIL's always turn up at the wrong time. :) I can just see your face, when you were 'sprung'! Don't be so hard on yourself, friend.

JaniceNW said...

LMAO. Perfect timing. It's getting caught that stinks. I try not to swear(started when oldest started repeating) but sometimes(say yesterday after all of 3 hours of sleep)it gets away from me. My teens think the f word is a noun, a verb, an adjective, an expletive, a pronoun.........ya get the idea. I chastise my 16yo just because he needs reminding. 19yo can restrain him appropraitely if needed.

Um, twins in a place of business while you are bookkeeping? OY! My mom was a bookkepper/tax preparer and we avoided her like the plague on payroll prep days!!!

dawn224 said...

my MIL lives in Alaska. Thankfully.

Tasina said...

Another blogger I was reading is paying a quarter to a fund every time she swears. I did this years ago by giving the money to my older boy but quit when he had more money in his F*****G account than I did!


baby~amore' said...

hi Gill - yep i think you are right.

Anne - my husband never swears either (cries instead).

Tiff- yes , she dropped in unexpectedly to work. I hope she moves to Tassie or Hong kong.

Janice- yes - caught is worse ;).I guess I would be more restrained if people were around.

Dawn - your a lucky woman.

Tasina - so would my teen right now - OMG and I would be bankrupt in a week.

I did/do feel bad that I swear/swore at him - he is under lost of stress but he is so forgiving.

MY real MIL = she would have told me off too - she has before and it wasn't even the F - bomb.

Everyone thinks the sun shines out of him ... and it probably does.

KT said...

Oooh swearing... I have such a potty mouth... I try not to (sorta) but I'll be (ahem) darned if I'd let my MIL (x, step or otherwise) tell me how to speak... (guess I'm just not that nice HA)

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