Saturday, 23 February 2008

52 blessings to be grateful for on Friday

...err on Saturday this week - since I already posted twice yesterday. Plus I couldn't miss using Kate @ picklebum's new graphic

So , just a quick one - I am so grateful I got my subscribers back and a few new ones.

I all of you. In my blogs early days I had so many days without a single comment ( ;) go through my archives and see *sob*) and I wondered why I bothered.

It just takes time to get to know people ... and I know your time is precious too. Thank you , from the bottom of my to my lovely readers. You all make a significant difference to my world. I can't articulate how much it means.

I know a few others too who need the company of a few more friends.

Tracey @ Why bother , Laura @ A day in the life of a Mom of Six and A mother like all others - she is so funny - she had me ROFL with her posts on Baby Games and Let’s Talk About Sex (after) Baby .

Hooray - the blogger spell check is working again

Come back later for Smiley Saturday.
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