Saturday, 23 February 2008

52 blessings to be grateful for on Friday

...err on Saturday this week - since I already posted twice yesterday. Plus I couldn't miss using Kate @ picklebum's new graphic

So , just a quick one - I am so grateful I got my subscribers back and a few new ones.

I all of you. In my blogs early days I had so many days without a single comment ( ;) go through my archives and see *sob*) and I wondered why I bothered.

It just takes time to get to know people ... and I know your time is precious too. Thank you , from the bottom of my to my lovely readers. You all make a significant difference to my world. I can't articulate how much it means.

I know a few others too who need the company of a few more friends.

Tracey @ Why bother , Laura @ A day in the life of a Mom of Six and A mother like all others - she is so funny - she had me ROFL with her posts on Baby Games and Let’s Talk About Sex (after) Baby .

Hooray - the blogger spell check is working again

Come back later for Smiley Saturday.


HRH said...

I almost cried when I realized spell check was back. I am going to check out your links--what fun.

Jodie said...

Another suscriber to be grateful for ;) Love your blog.

Jodie said...

Another suscriber to be grateful for ;) Love your blog.

Bettina said...

'Tis nice to have commenters....... thank you for being one of mine! Have some bling for you - see my SS for details

katef - said...

oh so glad your subscribers are back..I was too scared to go look at my count (as pathetic as it is) when you said yours had gone wonky!
And thanks so much for joining... totally fine that you posted on Saturday... maybe I should make a banner for each day of the week!?! LOL Off to go blog hopping!

dawn224 said...

we heart you too!

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