Thursday, 24 January 2008

Say no to Nofollow and other new tricks

In the last few days/nights thanks to my friends at Aussie bloggers forum I have learnt a few new things ...

see Sephy’s Platzish for details on some amazing changes to your blog ... takes a few minutes to

Say no to NO follow ~ so now if you leave a comment on my blog now - I have been told - it will contribute to your page ranking (don't ask me how ... but if you join Aussie bloggers forum they will tell you or read Sephy's links)

How-to: A twofer for Blogger Blogs - Add co.mments and StumbleUpon there is a lot more advice so go browse his website for more information.

Though I haven't yet been able to get stumble upon into my template.

I have so much to learn and I could stay up all night but I would be a no brainer tomorrow or actually today.

Your turn .... I am thinking of moving ... my blog - so what advice can you offer me ?


jeanie said...

I have no advice - I get on the forum, get overwhelmed by all the good advice and think "next week I can learn, next week I can learn"...

Thanks for the comment on mine!

Queen Mommy said...

You have been tagged!!!

I have no good advice on changing anything...I started this tag thing this morning and it has taken me all day to finish it!!!

Veronica said...

To add easy stumbleupon digg etc links to your blog, go to feedburner -> optimize -> feed flare in the left hand column. Choose what links you want to display and voila! Links at the bottom of the post.

katef said...

My advice is - move to self hosted wordpress.. if you are having fun with these things you'll love plugins! I'll even offer to help design you a blog header if you like... go on .. do it!!!

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