Friday, 11 January 2008

Aussie Bloggers Forum and Bigpond Part I

I joined the Aussie Bloggers Forum and if you click the shiny new button in my side bar you can see what I am talking about.

I am discovering a few new Aussie Blogs, which I love, and discovering new tools and tricks. There is so much to learn about blogging , ranking , Alexa - (it tells you where your blog ranks in the world)and much more.

It is a lot of fun too so if you haven't checked it out already - what have you got to lose (except a few hours blogging). It is busting with a who's who of Aussie Bloggers and some expats and other nationalities too.

Everyone is invited ...the more the merrier.Of course you get to rub shoulders with some A'Listers and Z' listers because we all have something to say. They are all listening attentively too (see post below) and are keen to answer my questions on blogging and share opinions /plug in's and widgets.

It seems a wonderful community of experienced and inexperienced (like me) mates helping each other and connecting across the blogosphere. You can be heard and seen and the advice is free. So what are you waiting for ?

Bigpond Part 1

This morning before 8am there was a knock on the door ... I was in lounge /dining looking for clothes (see below).My eldest, I had fortunately just woken minutes before, was up to answer the door. DH was in the shower. It was my new modem /setup disc from Bigpond.

Three days ago I got a call offering me the 'Liberty bundled home/internet package' because we had been good customers since 1994. The Customer service representative lady took 2.5 hrs (I kid you not) to convince encourage me to sign up and then actually do it (2 -15mins hrs). I was ready in 5 secs to cut her off abruptly because I heard the 10 sec delay (of the telemarketer variety) but I was listening luckily.

It was a very long time but the deal was good.She said would be activated in 2 weeks. Yesterday, I get a SMS to say it would be ready today but I didn't eevn have my new modem at that stage. (The CSR said I would then have 20 days to activate it.)

Today, I thought my Internet had died ... I couldn't get it to work ... ho hum 'boys would you like a story'? So I read Horton hears a Who by Dr Seuss
They continued to trash the room at an alarming rate while I read aloud - 'LOUD' but they didn't want to sit still. Funny, I picked this one - unconsciously running with my theme on hearing and listening ... insert freaky music . I only just realised.

I digress ... they didn't want 'no' story which was actually very long for a toddler. So I sat tapping/refreshing my useless keyboard/screen - bored but with a mountain of washing to fold/hang and who cares attitude!

Then I realised that maybe Bigpond had already disconnected my other ISP ??? I rang them - 'yes they have' - was the answer ... b*gger that was quick and I didn't even want it...yet.

I madly re-installed the new modem and self installed everything - wanting to get my fix ! After a few hiccups and incorrect password ... got a new one and presto ...back online.

tomorrow I will tell you part 2.


JaniceNW said...

Hi from Renton, WA USA.

HUggles those baby boys for me.

Veronica said...

Yay! Glad you are back online.

Karen MEG said...

Hey there, just popped in and can I say I am soooo impressed. You've got your hands full, beautiful boys and busy life! And amazing blogger to boot. How do you do THAT :)

katef said...

Oh I hadn't heard of the Aussie bloggers so thanks heaps for the tip! And oooh I am jealous of your new net access... we living in a dead net area so have crappy access options until the new wireless network makes it out here.. if it ever does!

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