Saturday, 12 January 2008

Smiley Saturday

thanks to Lightening for this new meme. It is a ripper.

So many things to blog about and so little time - today has just been the busiest day and I have so much to give thanks for and smile about ... but I also have a hot , hot hubby waiting for me to go to bed.

So in a nutshell because I would crazy not to ...

Today my garden made me smile a lot, we planted in memory of our angel baby C who passed away in utero when I was 26 weeks (6 months) pregnant was born still.

The December rains caused a lot of weeds to grow , blackspot (on the leaves from heat and humidity) and lots of dried dead roses that needed de heading. So today I spent a good hour in the garden trimming it back and weeding.I was happy to have my eldest help albeit grudgingly and that the babies were happy to play outside under our watchful eyes. There is still a lot to be done but I feel good about it.

I am also happy I am achieving a few of my New Year Intentions.

I am also happy to have joined the Aussie Blogging forum - I am meeting so many new friends, discovering fabulous blogs like Lightenings and more


Cathy said...

i'll have to check out/join aussie bloggers (looks great) - but it's 11.58pm and i'm way too tired to do it now...

as for BigPond, don't get me started - i was just forced to jump ship and am now with another ISP!

Kellan said...

I love that you have this garden for your sweet Angel baby - what a truly wonderful place to go to show love and hold onto the memory of her.

Have a good weekend - see you soon. Kellan

bettina said...

What a lovely reminder of your precious baby.

baby~amore' said...

Sorry Cathy - we got a good deal but they better look after us.

Thanks Kellan and Bettina for your kind comments we did it 3 weeks after she passed away and moved to our new home - it was very important to have her 'here' in a special sense.

Lightening said...

Thanks for joining in Smiley Saturday babyamore - I enjoyed reading your post. :-)

I've changed your link in my Mr Linky to link directly to this post so that people reading a few days later can still find it easily. :-)

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