Monday, 5 November 2007

Sticky Fingers and Sour squirms

I have learnt to live with the stickiness of my little munchkins fingers - over everything. Then there is the constant exploring of all things with buttons .

So now all the finger marks are higher and they can reach more things.Sadly , his crawling days are almost behind him ... my babies are now fully fledged toddlers.

S & J love of pressing my buttons hasn't diminished ... the television (but they don't watch it -only to press the buttons on/off) ,remotes, dishwasher , the front loader and my mobile phone. OM gosh the tantrums when I refuse to let them have it or if one happens upon it ( they look for it now too) and the other tries to snaffle it ...

Today, I thought I had lost my mobile phone. My eldest DS and I were looking everywhere.I was ringing the number but we couldn't hear it. I had just been to the post office to collect a parcel (tell you about that tomorrow). I phoned the Post Office via the stupid 13 number ... after they made me press 50 buttons I finally got to speak to a person and then after another 20 mins got transferred to my local PO. Then waited while he apparently went looking for it. Nothing. So we looked again and DS found it - where I told him it was all along.

During the day my husband had also called the land line (house phone) and I wondered why ... and why I missed a few other calls. O'Duh ... The phone was set to silent ...thanks J - he has a real knack at working those buttons. I have to learn the key lock feature or keep it out of reach and to leave DH or DS number as last calls so if he calls them it won't cost me.

S is now more confident with walking and even more so climbing. Saturday night he pushed the dining chair over to the kitchen sink stood on it and looked as if he was planning to wash the dishes when he reached for the dish washing liquid.... good training. It was very funny and cute - he was grinning as if to say I am very clever.

I discovered my little S loves sour tastes ... yes he is the one who won't eat real food ... one day it was lemons, cumquats and today it was sour lollies called squirms (jelly worms with sour coating)

We had a eye appointment checkup for J at the children's hospital. When I get J out - S raises the roof and wants out too. I was prepared today.

The face S makes is priceless when he eats them , and I made sure I saved a few of them. The sticky fingers and the quiet were worth it. He was very good today ...once I gave him the squirms. J's eyes were all good too. Next appointments for their eyes is March.

I am going to buy a bucketload of sour lollies tomorrow. They are from Natural confectionery food company people in case are wondering about the artificial colours and flavours - nil. They are yum. My Mum loves sour worms too.

This boy takes after me ... he can smell the chocolate a mile away too but he really only likes a little taste (that's all he is allowed LOL). J wanted a squirm too but he isn't as fussed on the sour stuff.

I also must pick up some real toothbrushes for S 's 4 teeth if I am to break my rule about never giving them lollies /candy etc .... oh well I tried. On the tooth front J is also cutting another top tooth (#6) and tonight he wanted a lot of lovin'. Poor Bubba
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