Sunday, 4 November 2007

Family Time

yesterday I came across a new prompt ....@ Wrapped Emotions about expressing yourself (Thanks Tiff @ Three Ring Circus).
This weeks prompt is to Enjoy Your Family.

This is what Melody said, “This week’s prompt is simple. Go, spend time with your family. Do one little bitty special thing with your children or your spouse or your mother or your sibling or your pet. Even if it’s just a great big extra squishy hug…do it.

So….here goes!

Lately, my husband has been very busy working 12- 14 hrs a day on work project. It has been hard both ends.

My first thing was last night to offer my DH a long, soothing back massage ...sorry I couldn't take any photos *wink*

Today we are heading for lunch at Avoca Beach and a little scavenging adventure - save a few things from being landfill that are in a caravan park being demolished. Well , it is to help my DH and to spend the day as a family too.

We have also had my Uncle stay with us helping my DH the last few days. I realised last night how much my Uncle reminds me of my Dad. They look a bit alike (he is 2 yrs older than Dad), sound alike, laugh alike and think alike. Uncanny but I guess being brothers and sharing DNA. I mentioned it to my DH and he agreed he noticed it too.

Seeing my Uncle with my little boys too has made me feel the loss of my Dad more... that he never got to meet them either and they him.

Family is so important and we need to take the extra time and effort to cherish the times we have with them.


tiff said...

Oh, big hugs Trish. It sounds like a lovely time with your family but I know how hard it must be without your dad.

~ Melody ~ said...

The last sentence of your post...YES!

I loved reading this and can easily see that you and you family spend plenty of squishy kinda quality time together.

I am thrilled to have you join us at WE. You have a fun blog and beautiful family.

Nesting Momma said...

Family is amazing. My husband has been working alot too. Thsi prompt was extra special!

Laura McIntyre said...

Family is wonderful, my hubby is so busy that we take ever second we can together. PLanning to just take today off and do nothing but hand with my girls

Amanda said...

I like this post! We all love our families but often forget to take the time to appreciate them.

Jenny is Live & In Color said...

Welcome to WE!

Wow! A back rub prompted by a post. That will get a husband thrilled that his wife blogs!

Pinky said...

I like your blog, Trish!
Thanks so much for commenting on my post about my son and our hockey game. I see in your profile that you have an "angel baby girl". I have a daughter in Heaven who we lost 5 years ago. It will give you true perspective, won't it?

Bonnie said...

Your little guys are so cute !

Sheila said...

Sounds like a very nice time! And I agree, we should cherish our family time.

This month marks 9 years since my father passed. When I hear his laughter on a video tape, I still cry. When he died, that's when it really hit me how short life can be.

Shaunda said...

Great POST!

Trish K said...

Great post, and I completely agree with your sentiments. I was pregnant with my youngest when I lost my mom and she looks exactly like her, it was like she passed her spirit into my baby.

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