Monday, 29 October 2007

Happy Birthday Darling & tummy bugs

It has taken all day but finally I have to wish my dear husband , a man in a million ,a very Happy Birthday Darling
I love you more today than I ever have. You are my all.
I am so sorry you were not feeling well today ... so there went the special birthday dinner . Lucky we had a cake (thanks to my Mum) and solitary candle last night so the boys (everyone) got to sing Happy Birthday to you.

A little prelude...
Saturday, I woke up early feeling blurgh (? spelling) and DH left for work early. I felt worse and had a little hurl. I had to drop my eldest to a birthday party at midday so I took the babies to bed for a nap. I had called my mum but she had a busy day planned so I didn't tell her I was feeling sick. It took a while but finally ....zzzzzzz

S & J had a touch of diarrhoea but thankfully no vomiting. Poo I can handle (when it is inside a nappy).You can't teach babies or small children to aim either end.I hated changing all the bed linen /clothes when I was a real nurse, let alone when I had to do the washing.

Later , I pulled out the disposable nappy samples my friend and I collected from the baby expo ... brilliant that I still had a small stash. I was in no condition to do any more washing or rinsing with my little squirt eeewww!

I got up to take DS to his party and blurgh ... hurl..hurl ..hurl..(last nights dinner). I laid back down to gather my strength ... and got him to put the babies in the car and my bucket. He got there 40mins late for this and other reasons (...see Friday).

We went home again and I sat in the rocker in the contained play area watching the ABC. S & J played and intermittently came to sit on my lap (both at same time usually) and nurse. I still fed them because I didn't know if they had the tummy bug or not and they aren't big drinkers of other fluids.

We even had a short play outside because they were going feral inside. Then they both feel asleep in my arms/ my lap in the rocking chair .Of course it was time to go pick up my older one ...I wasn't in a hurry though. I dragged myself out of the chair .I arrived and I rang to tell them I was in the car waiting (the birthday kid's sister answered).

I felt so ...again ...when the 'mom' came out too ... OMG she must have wondered if I had been on a bender (never) and had hangover. I felt it ... well I don't recall having many hangovers (true) my hair was a mess (ratty and bushy), pale faced , with my bucket on the front seat, dressed in daggy clothes and incoherent (well that was when I dropped him off -I said something really dumb). So NOT funny then but I can laugh at myself now.

My DH was still working on the Central Coast 2 hrs away.I knew I should begged my Mum off her hot date with her 'partner' ... as she now calls him. She would have come to my rescue .

Yesterday,I washed out but on the mend.DH did a lot of the cleaning, washing and I helped a bit.
S & J seemed fine.Today S delivered puddles of molten gold over the play area floor and down his leg ... the nappy wasn't tight enough. Bath time.

Tonight, he ate some rice and then was a bubbling brook when he either gagged as he often does on a fruit lump in the yogurt or he has what I had/Daddy has. I had to scrub out the highchair Elder DS was on the verge of an eruption too. J - Dh said smelt of sour milk too ... Gosh I hope not ...

I digress ... Happy Birthday present ... this year DH got a cool present, a new mini hi-fi with a sub wolfer (don't ask I don't know what it does but at least I am sure to hear it ) the old stereo is stuffed. (No not with anything by the twins though if they could reach it I am sure they would have tried posting like our older son did with the VCR and Car stereo).

Oh and this weekend S has almost been walking everywhere ...when he wants too.


tiff said...

Sorry to hear that you have all been sick and now DH too. Not fair. This is the season we should all be well.

Happy Happy Birthday M, hope you had a good day.
Hope you are feeling better soon, Trish and that the boys are not too sick.

Dee said...

How nice it was to come across your blog, I often wonder how your going and how the boys must be growing so fast.

So sorry to hear you`ve been sick, I hope your feeling better soon.

I love the photos of the boys, they are always smiling, bet they keep you on your toes.

Veronica said...

Sorry you have been sick, I hope you are feeling better.

Happy Birthday to Hubby :)

Heart of Rachel said...

Sorry haven't visited in a while. Belated Happy Birthday to your husband. Hope you are feeling much better now.

BTW, I have something for you on my blog. I'm still composing it but I will post it later tonight. Take care.

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