Monday, 1 October 2007

15 months old today

This was taken 6 months ago ...

these were taken 30/9/07

... gosh are my once tiny babies really 15 months old ? I wish I could turn back time some days and enjoy them a little more .

Today we had my cousin using our computer and on the phone for some work .I had to keep S & J quiet [er]... of course they didn't care much for this. We played outside for ages till I got too hot , plus it was windy.

The grizzles were extra loud, they didn't want to sleep, they both just wanted me to pick them up or hold them at various times, BF or wriggle on my lap, cry because I wouldn't let them have the mobile and or whatever ... though I was exhausted....

That is one of those things I prayed to hear in those lonely, boring days of infertility!It makes my heart explode with smile:)