Monday, 1 October 2007

Sam is almost walking and Joel almost running

Just had to brag that S is almost walking. Over the weekend he took about 5-6 steps or more in a row independently. He can walk longer holding one finger.S is much more cautious and less confident than J ... unless he is climbing.

S takes more little side steps between things and walks to his father and I or others only if wants to. He knows he is very clever and is so excited he starts to lunge (& fall) and/or drops to his knees and crawls again. He still prefers to crawl at the moment unless we encourage him.

I think he is now realising Joel has the upper hand and is far quicker off the mark to the toys, ride on car and faster at chasing Mummy.

Joel is so confident now and hardly crawling at all. My heart melts when he follows me around and runs up to me ...saying Mum,mum mumm holding his pudgy little hands up to me and hugging my legs.

Today, I think Joel was saying 'dog' ... it was a 'd' sound and I am sure he has been saying[shouting] his big brother D's name for ages [ he hears me scream it (too) often ..oops ... better watch my mouth from now on]

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tiff said...

Yay Sammy and Joel!!!!
It is amazing when they take off, Trish! It's so sweet, JoJo hugging your legs.

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