Friday, 28 September 2007

Happy Birthday MUM

Today is my Mum's 60th birthday

Happy Birthday Mum ... you are the greatest.

When I just rang Mum to wish her a happy Birthday - I knew she was out all day... having a full service, wax and polish...

Her favourite salon washed & blow dried her hair, did her finger nails infills & polished them and then her toe nails were buffed and polished, eyebrows shaped,waxed & tinted, eye lashes tinted, waxed chin and lip - then when she went to pay - they said "no, it is our gift for your birthday"

Mum estimated it was $120 worth . Wow and thank you to RJ's for giving my Mum such a treat.

The full service only took from 10am - 3.45pm. I wish I was so lucky.

Mum still bakes cakes and stuff for us to bring home ... more than she did as a child but I guess she has more time now with no kids at home.

She has always been there for us and shows unconditional love. I am just a little sad my Dad won't be here to celebrate this milestone birthday with us all. She has B though who is taking her to dinner tonight , he sent her flowers today too and is taking her on a day cruise Monday. She deserves a lot of loving.

Yesterday, was my Uncle P 's 49th birthday (her littlest bro). I didn't get back to my blog to blog that yesterday. He was only 7 3/4 when I was born so a bit like an older brother to my siblings and I ... Happy Birthday P ... your turn next year for the big one.

Sorry - this is just for TT... on the subject of birthdays and lovin ... don't we all need it *wink wink*nudge nudge* hope your candles are flickering brightly tonight and throwing a soft light over your smiling face. Hope you have a special day tomorrow and you are treated like a Queen by your special family.

PS It is my friend Wendy & Peter 's 22 wedding anniversary today - she got married at only 18.

A very sad Postscript ... it would have been my friend ~Chris's (RIP) birthday today and her 1st Wedding Anniversary.

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tiff said...

LOL, Trish.
My candles were burning brightly, hope yours were too!!!

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