Monday, 17 September 2007

Whine O' clock

I saw this somewhere ...
when it is whine o' clock it's time for wine o' clock
(he..he..hic..) oh really but not at 9am *sigh* and even less when you are (*)(*).

I am determined to make a few changes. When my little darlings start to whine there must be a reason (need) behind their behaviour... so I should listen to their needs.Little boys don't whine just because they can ...well that is what the experts tell me. They have needs I am not realising -and my AP instinct tells me I am failing at meeting them .

Sadly twins get a rough deal sometimes when they want a one on one cuddle with mummy (and when I am only one here) and they have to share it too and they don't understand why. The whines get louder if I leave the other on the floor. I love it when 3.30pm comes and big DS comes home to give me respite. As much as I love and adore my little boys -somedays it is so intense I am at melting point.

The swing works for a while and being outside too. I am enjoying my new book Happily ever after $1 bargain at church fete. It is full of myth busting ideas ...for happier family life

However , if the big DS tries to whine at me - I will tell him to Shush up (or maybe not as nicely as I write) here - he should know better

It is teething and tantrum time too. Sam has a new bottom tooth as of Saturday and he is very partial to toes and even sinking his toothy pegs into my nipple

Happy 12th Birthday Alex ...
Happy 11th Birthday AJ for 16th

Also happy 40th Birthday Glenda & 41st to Debbie

wow so many birthdays and more to follow ...