Friday, 14 September 2007

Friday Flashback

hmmm - almost 12 years ago I became an Aunty to Alexandra ... 'Alex' - my first niece 'related' by blood and not just marriage. I just need to scan in a picture or two. It is her birthday Sunday. AJ is extremely bright [gifted and talented] (takes after me heha), funny, an athletic champion at state level for her school and very good at Physical culture. The boys love her ... though her own siblings might not sing her praises so highly.

Happy Birthday Alana for 13th September ... Dh's middle older sister - better not tell everyone how many years young she is . Next year she will skip her birthday being Friday 13th ... because it is a leap year.

Better than my cousin Anne - who gets to celebrate her 9th birthday @ 36 years old on 29th February 2008. She had twins too and I almost forgot this ... her twins also IVF turn 10 in Dec.

Would you rather having a birthday on 13th or every 4 years ?