Monday, 17 September 2007

Hawkesbury Valley Way

Yesterday the new $123 million Flood evacuation road / bridge opened -aka Jim Anderson Bridge. We got to walk across it 2km and then walked back ... the twin pram wouldn't fit on the bus -not that we tried because the queue for shuttle bus back to car was so long.They tried to turn us back but we insisted the pram didn't fit. Then someone said we could go on.

The RTA even chipped in a few drinks for everyone ... water and soft drink cans.

Then at 2pm we were heading out again and remembered it was opening for cars to drive across. We were the 11th car to cross (probably after official ones went ahead).

We could see the rear of our business from the road.The Bridge is so high up. Perspective is amazing. We saw the concrete block wall ...where the land and been blocked and filled - from ground to the top about 5-6 metres high. The Bridge is much higher. It has been curved ... because of Aboriginal sacred sites on banks of South Creek and a special species of Frogs.

It has changed access to our street and made things somewhat more complicated for our customers .Looking at the big picture it is going to save lives should a major flood occur and cut traffic congestion ... that we will ultimately benefit from as well as thousands of others.

I didn't see any other twins (in strollers anyway) but we did see one double pram (we checked) and several tandem ones.

We did see an Ambulance bogged up to it's rear axles in mud (in the traffic island garden) - there is no direct access this way to hospital (300m up the road).Lucky it wasn't an emergency it only took a few good men and a machine 20-30mins to decide how to move it.
Ps check the unicycle - imagine riding that across the bridge.