Tuesday, 18 September 2007

A Stroke claims another life ...

Sadly, I heard tonight that DS's previous, basketball manager, Jenny passed away from a stroke at home. I didn't know her well because I was too pregnant to go and watch much (and scared of the ball) and then I had the babies to watch out for. I am just so sad for her. She was a very friendly lady with a lot of patience for teenage boys.

A few crappy things have been happening in my life and with our playgroup. Not directly related to my playgroup buddies but external forces and other stuff. It has been causing me to lose sleep. It all pales into insignificance when you remember how precious life is and a moment wasted on worry and strife is ...well wasted and just not worth it. You lose !

DS said she was 39, she has a son his age (14) and another a bit older. I feel so sad for them too.I was at Sonny's birthday and his mum, Tanya had a colleague 48 - in hospital critical after she had a stroke last week. I didn't know her at all but it all brings me back to my friend Christine.I still feel incredible sadness for her losing her battle with life. Tanya and another of her friends said how L' wouldn't want to be alive and have a poor quality life ... who is to know ?

I have chatted to Chris's hubby Waz, on MSN a few times and he sent me a few pictures of Nobby - her lil boy 'William' (now 7 months) . She never got to bring him home ... well he came home but without his mum. Some babies at playgroup are the same age and when I look at them, I think of him, what he is missing and what Chris is missing right now. I just hope she is looking down over him and also that she is at peace (with her twin angels Shale & Chantelle)

RIP Jenny & Chris .
I pray T's friend makes a full recovery.
I hope we all give thanks for each day that we can have and hold the ones we love with us.