Sunday, 19 August 2007

when your own Mother ...

doesn't recognise you ...r voice ... OMG how could she not LOL.Mum has been away in Queensland for 1o days -(she got home 6pm last night) so it really could have been anyone ringing to ask her 'how are you ? ' Still.

I have a 'lurgy' - hoarse, sore throatie, nasally voice, cough and bit of laryngitis (plus awful green TMI spitups).Today, I rang my dear Mum and I knew she didn't know who it was from the way she was talking. So I asked her ...'Do you know who I am?' ... she said 'No, my hearing is ...' hestitantly. I asked can you hear the noise in background (...squealing babies) ... "no" then I told her more information and she got it.

Friday the same thing when I rang our business and J answered the phone (she has worked with us for 5-6 years) .I asked was M (my DH ) there because he had called my mobile and I missed the call. I assumed she knew it was me ... but she didn't either... she said "who it is I tell him you called". I told her and she was surprised.

But my mum ... I must sound bad. I feel okay during the day but nights are a PITA. I hate being sick and hope the babies stay clear.

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tiff said...

Sorry you are feeling so sick Trish. I really hope you are feeling better soon.

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