Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Fear , love and beauty ... The light that shines

I saw a documentary video last night that is incredibly moving and beautiful.

Most women (I imagine) get the fear of losing their breasts and empathize with their 'sisters' who go through breast cancer .

I wanted to share the video & timeline , and encourage you to share it . It is long but worth watching . Jill , a young woman with breast cancer had an amazing photo shoot in Paris with photographer Sue Bryce.


Credit : Australian Portrait Photographer of year 2011 & 2012 Sue Bryce ...#jillinparis

I didn't feel so much fear in losing my breasts because the desire to live was far greater.
Feeling beautiful is important though not high on my list ...my to do list is long enough already.

Just saying ...while I do care about my appearance , it is the least of my worries . I embrace my scars and imperfections not just because I have no choice. I hope I have beauty within ...

My hair is growing back (a different colour ), not so my eyebrows. I still hardly recognise myself in the mirror .I am changed.

I am so thankful my husband of almost 23yrs has supported no loved me through all the changes and imperfections (I had zillions already) .

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