Monday, 9 February 2009

Cool Comfort

Today, was much cooler. The rain started here. I wish it was down there in Victoria for their sakes.

Today we heard progressively worst updates on the number of lives lost - the worst natural disaster in Australia's history.

I wanted to cry for the huge loss of life now 130.I feel numb and I don't know what else to say.It will take people a long time to come to terms with this. Lives shattered.

Though the fire has not impacted on my life personally , except we had someone call our business asking for help to provide assistance. Even from the safety of a couple of thousand kilometres away, the threat of fire scares me .I cry when people tell their stories.

5000 homeless.When I try to imagine their pain, their tragedy, of whole families being trapped in their cars last, calls to family and though less of a loss - homes and possessions,’s heart breaking.

I can't do much to help but I can go shopping or donate. I saw this press release.

This Friday 13th Coles will donate profits from its 750 stores nationally to the Government’s Bushfire Appeal Fund in partnership with the Red Cross.

You will also be able to donate to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund at all Coles stores through the checkouts.

Coles Managing Director Ian McLeod said "Like everyone in the community, we’ve been shocked by the devastation these fires have wrought, and we extend our deepest sympathies to those who’ve suffered loss in this terrible event," Mr McLeod said.

Mr McLeod said the size of this Friday’s donation would depend on customer support, but could be several million dollars.

"We hope Australians will help us make this Friday’s donation as substantial as possible."

To donate blood call the Red Cross on 131 495

For donations of money please contact The Salvation Army or the Red Cross 1800 811 700

Please also donate any clothes, blankets or furniture to your nearest Salvation Army or other charity collection point.

I am thinking of the Flood victims in Queensland too.

My Menu Plan Monday ... though subject to change and a whim - Exclusively food is such a delicious site.

Monday - Meatballs & Tomato sauce or this one
Tuesday - Anniversary dinner OUT
Wednesday - Chicken & Pasta Bake
Thursday - Mini Quiches & Salad
Friday - Steak Diane & Potato Gratin
Saturday - Valentine Dinner for two IN be a surprise but Monkey see will have ideas for me no doubt.
Sunday - Roast Lamb and vegies

I still feel guilty :( thinking about food and even cooking or eating it.

Days of Grace 8/365
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  3. Rain tonight
  4. My home
  5. Survival stories ...
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