Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Overwhelmed ..

Update : Brown snake ...my cat passed away.

I was out visiting some special friends today they live 2 hrs + away.We had a great day.

No time today to chat except to my friend. No time to read your blogs or comment.

I came home and cooked dinner.After dinner I fixed my cat's litter tray and I noticed later my cat had been vomiting.She didn't look too bad.Half an hour later checked her again.She was looking very sick. She has only been inside today and only had fresh food.

My DH has taken her to the after hours vet but I have a terrible feeling.She looked bad.Even if she survives most likely she won't be able to nurse the kittens for a few days the emergency vet said when I spoke to the RSPCA.

The RSPCA says they will euthanase them if I surrender them ...I have to wait till tomorrow to speak to other cat welfare agencies.Another website said to try and find another cat to feed them ? what are my chances ?

Why do emergencies happen after hours ?

I wonder if I can look after them ?

Their eyes are just starting to open and they are so sweet.

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