Thursday, 24 January 2008

Say no to Nofollow and other new tricks

In the last few days/nights thanks to my friends at Aussie bloggers forum I have learnt a few new things ...

see Sephy’s Platzish for details on some amazing changes to your blog ... takes a few minutes to

Say no to NO follow ~ so now if you leave a comment on my blog now - I have been told - it will contribute to your page ranking (don't ask me how ... but if you join Aussie bloggers forum they will tell you or read Sephy's links)

How-to: A twofer for Blogger Blogs - Add co.mments and StumbleUpon there is a lot more advice so go browse his website for more information.

Though I haven't yet been able to get stumble upon into my template.

I have so much to learn and I could stay up all night but I would be a no brainer tomorrow or actually today.

Your turn .... I am thinking of moving ... my blog - so what advice can you offer me ?
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