Thursday, 3 January 2008

Creme de la Creme of 2007 -

As many of my readers may or may not know I have been through infertility (12yrs plus) infant (@ 13months old) adoption in Australia, a surprise pregnancy and the subsequent loss at 6 months of this precious daughter , then blessed through the medical marvel of IVF with the triumphant birth of our twins S & J .

I have had many readers comment on either losing their own precious baby (ies) or their struggles with infertility. A little while ago I came across this site

Stirrup Queens and Sperm Palace Jesters
and this post on Jan 1st Creme de la Creme

We've expanded the idea of presenting "the best" to include a post from every blog in the infertility/pregnancy loss/adoption world. This includes those who are the beginning of their journey to those who are in the middle of a hard-won pregnancy to those who are parenting after adoption. Listed below are the best posts of 2007. If you have a blog that chronicles your experience with infertility, pregnancy loss, adoption, or life afterwards and you're not on this list, send a link of your best post from 2007 to and I'll add your blog*. In the meantime, happy reading!

I wanted to share this with my readers as I know many of you personally have or have family/friends and colleagues who may have experienced one or more of the above - adoption, infertility, pregnancy loss. The stories shared are very enlightening and poignant. Some are tear jerkers that I have read already but they are also full of hope and the enduring spirit of people who have done it tough. I am sure we all know someone. There are stories for men too ... a very clever one .

here is my contribution hopefully ... Pondering the view outside my window .I have yet to add my full story to my blog but I will soon ... I am the procrastination Queen.

Thanks to kwout for the screen shot and for Sue at Blogging Sueblimely for introducing me to this awesome tool.
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