Monday, 26 May 2008

Aerobix and other heavy stuff

MY Winter Exercise program...

I am on it !

Take one Weetbix.

Take an Aero chocolate bar.

Crumble the Aero over the Weetbix. Voila!


Seriously I would not do that to a chocolate and I don't really eat aero bars because they are so full of holes - hole lot of nothing !

I do have a muffin top and a twin belly flap ... tucks neatly into my jean though and is hidden by top.I don't mind this at all - the babies love to poke my belly button in and out. It is a cheap amusement whilst nursing - except it makes me jump.
I am inspired to start a real exercise program though after reading Lightening's efforts.I want to get fit. My weight is in the healthy weight range but on the limits. I will never wear a bikini again my body is very ugly due to NF1.
So some serious stuff now ...
I will talk more about this later week . May is Neurofibromatosis awareness month -and I am in still in denial ...It is as common a genetic disorder as CysticFibrosis yet most people have never heard of NF.

Have you ?

Rewinding at the Fibro today 7/5/2010 ...
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