Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Forty before Fifty

Making : Pies  tomorrow - I bought a $5 pie maker
Cooking : Vanilla Cupcakes - which the boys (x4) decorated

Drinking : Tea in my stripy mug...later comes wine !
Reading: The Daughters Of Mars by Tom Keneally
Wanting: More days in my week
Looking: For the Garmin watch charger
Praying: I get travel insurance for my trip to Shanghai , China
Deciding:What to do for our 50th Birthdays
Wishing: End to all cancers.
Enjoying: The silence
Waiting: For lunch
Liking: Marion's Kitchen Curry kits
Wondering: Do Bulls get fur balls ? (well actually my hubby asked)
Loving: my new Apple watch.
Pondering: what to do with my Forty 39 38 days before Fifty.
Considering:Going PURPLE for my birthday
Buying: Second hand books
Watching: ABC Iview
Hoping: I reach my Children's Tumour Foundation - 14km City to Surf  goal
Marvelling:Our old bull  JW 'John Wayne" licking the cow clean this morning.
Cringing: at the numbers on the scale
Needing: to Party plan
Questioning: Am I too old for purple hair & How can boys be 10 in one month ?
Smelling: Wood burning ...toasty warm here
Wearing: active wear ('ve been to a gym class re:cringing)
Noticing: all the recipes I pin but never make
Knowing: A mountain of business work awaits and the ironing.
Thinking: How to get things done quicker
Admiring: The commitment of those who eat healthier without being boring
Sorting: My winter clothes
Getting: More flexible and stronger
Bookmarking: Recipes
Coveting: A smaller butt
Disliking: My still too tight clothes
Opening: Parcels ...I must not shop online.
Giggling: Facebook is a never ending source of mirth
Feeling: I have come so far and have endless opportunities in front of me thanks to Cancer research and treatments !! So please let me go to China for the Dragon Boat Training & Cultural Program
Snacking:Raisin Toast
Helping: paying it forward by minding a friend's boys last night after other friends minded mine on Sunday
Hearing:Audio books via Audible - addicted to them on long road trips - Kate Morton's narrator is soothing and very engaging.

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